Tank Gawd It's Friday - What Tank Attribute Do You Value Most?

What attribute do you value the most when choosing which tanks you play in World of Tanks?

Welcome back to another Tank Gawd It’s Friday, the series where we pose a question about World of Tanks to our community each Friday. We’ll start the conversation with our own answers, but what we really look forward to is hearing what you have to say in the comment section below.

Question: What attribute do you value more than the rest in a tank?

Sam Chandler

Sam likes to see you before you can see him. It's not creepy at all.
Sam likes to see you before you can see him. It's not creepy at all.

In terms of what attribute I find most important in a tank, I would have to say it comes down to what tank type I'm playing. However, more often than not, I think that view range is the most important aspect for me as I prefer playing snipers—whether they're TDs or Light Tanks.

Being able to see your enemy before they can see you is extremely important when you need to either beat them to the punch or get your ass out of danger. I find nothing more annoying than sitting in an excellent sniping position, prepared to blast some enemy tanks, and all I can see are their icons on the minimap.

I'm too far away, my view range is too short, but my signal range is picking up their locations. I guess that’s why learning what equipment to use on my tank is so important. A pair of Binoculars or the like could vastly improve my experience. In saying that, if I'm playing a Light Tank, concealment and speed are my go-to.

I want to be able to be almost literally right under the enemy's nose without them knowing I'm there. And I want to have enough speed to make a getaway. Secondary to this is mobility. There's not much use driving away from a fight in a straight line—that's a good way to get yourself killed.

Bill Lavoy

Bill tends to make dumb decisions, so it's important he has the speed and mobility to recover.
Bill tends to make dumb decisions, so it's important he has the speed and mobility to recover.

My pick is based on my own impatience, rather than making a selection that I feel is better than the rest. My choice is simply one that keeps me from falling asleep behind the wheel, and that’s the speed of my tank. Like Sam, I’d also like to say that I’m including mobility in this. While I love the speed of my M18 Hellcat, I much prefer both the speed and agility of my T67.

Now, the responsible thing for me to say here is that speed matters because I can get into the right position faster than my counterpart on the other team, but that’s only partly true. In reality, I want to bang my head off the desk when I’m in a slow tank. The idea that tanks are trading shots while I’m still trudging into position drives me insane.

Even though I know that it’s my weakness and it gets me killed more than anything else, I want to be in the fight at all times. Speed and mobility get me to the fight, and then every now and again allow me to get out of it in one piece.

Nate Hohl

Nate has dreams of being agile, but they are a long way from reality.
Nate has dreams of being agile, but they're a long way from reality.

I like to imagine myself as a smooth operator who can easily outmaneuver my foes using speed and cunning. However, I know that—in reality—calling my video game fine motor skills clumsy would be generous, to say the least. Therefore, I would say I put a premium value on tank armor, as I often wind up having to absorb enemy shots rather than outright avoid them.

That mentality applies in pretty much any game I play. In Overwatch, I dream of cruising around as Genji or Widowmaker while I hunker behind Reinhardt's shield. In Dark Souls, I envy the speedy archer or the light armor duelist while a large boss monster wails on my tower shield.

And in World of Tanks, I do my best to help my more mobile brethren by turtling up and praying that the enemy's armor penetration isn't too high. It isn't a glamorous way to get the job done, but I guess somebody's got to do it.

What about you? What attribute means more to you than the others when playing World of Tanks? Is it because you know that's the best combination for the current meta, or is it simply a personal preference?


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