Mass Effect: Andromeda Receives Its First Content Update

A new APEX Strike mission and new playable multiplayer character are included.

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been out for less than a week and BioWare has already released a minor content update for its multiplayer component.

According to a press release from BioWare, the content update includes the new limited-time APEX mission “Drack’s Missing Scouts,” which is a Bronze tier mission that pits players against hostile Kett forces on the Firebase Paradox map.

Successfully completing the Drack’s Missing Scouts mission will award bonus Mission Funds and XP. Also included in the update is the new Krogan Gladiator playable character, a female Krogan who uses a unique hammer melee attacks, and the Ruzad Shotgun weapon, both of which can now be found in multiplayer item packs.

The Krogan Gladiator and Ruzad Shotgun are permanent additions to Andromeda’s multiplayer component, though the Drack’s Missing Scouts mission will only be available until March 27th. You can watch a trailer showing off the first content update’s new features below.

BioWare promises that more APEX mission-themed content updates will be released in the future.

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