NBA 2K18 - Virtual Currency farming guide

The best ways to earn VC quickly

NBA 2K18’s Virtual Currency, or VC, is vital to everything from upgrading your character to buying gear and haircuts in MyCareer mode. If you’re struggling with a lack of virtual funds, you can splash out with real cash to speed up the process, but it’s also possible to improve your earnings in-game with the right tricks. Here are the best way to maximise your VC earnings in NBA 2K18.

MyCareer basics

The bread and butter of your VC earnings will come from matches in MyCareer. Jump into the Neighborhood and you’re guaranteed a minimum of 500 VC whether you’re playing NBA matches or pick-up games. Typically you’ll earn between 700-1500 VC depending on your performance

You’ll need to mix up what you play to maximise your earnings, but MyCareer NBA games will net you the most per match and can earn you well over 1000 VC for a good game. It’s worth noting that in 2K18 there’s no longer a modifier based on the difficulty you choose, so don’t feel like you have to rough it on the hardest modes. 

As you progress through MyCareer you’ll be offered Endorsements and tasks by your manager these provide welcome boosts to the VC you’ll earn, meaning it’s well worth investing in them.

MyLeague is the real moneymaker — even when you’re not playing!

MyCareer might hold the most allure in singleplayer, but you’ll earn the most points quickly by getting stuck into MyLeague and MyGM. You can earn close to 1000VC for playing matches with 12 minutes quarters, but you can also rake in the VC without playing by simulating matches

Set your MyLeague quarter length to 12 minutes and simulate a game using Simcast Live at 6X speed to earn 400 VC regardless of whether your team wins or loses. This is a great way to make some cash when you don’t have time to play. A full season of MyLeague completed in this manner will net you 24,600 VC.

If you want to change things up, MyGM will award 690 VC for a match with 10 minute quarters, win or lose, though that value is reduced when you simulate any amount of the match.

The 2KTV & the MyNBA 2K18 mobile app offer quick bonus cash

Surprisingly, a great way to earn points quickly is the in-game 2KTV service. Each episode you watch gives a chance to earn VC for answering questions and taking part in polls. You’ll get 50VC for every question, and 100 VC for each correct answer.

The show runs weekly and you can usually earn around 400 VC for an episode. If you’re a fan of the real sport this is a great way to earn some points while learning some tips and following interviews with some of the top players out there.

If you don’t mind it taking up space on your phone, the free MyNBA 2K18 mobile app is a quick way to earn VC daily. 500 VC can be earned through Quick Game matches and each day you log in will net you a 100 VC bonus. There are also prediction games based on the real NBA matches which can earn you extra VC.

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