Bungie Reveals Final Destiny Age of Triumph Trailer

Find out what’s in store for players once the event goes live tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Destiny’s Age of Triumph event will begin, giving players one final sendoff as the game’s lifespan winds down and Bungie starts to focus on this year’s upcoming sequel. In the meantime, however, Bungie has released one final trailer which summarizes everything that the Age of Triumph event will bring to Destiny when it goes live.

In case you missed the three livestreams Bungie held previously, here is what the Age of Triumph will include:

  • 390 Light Level versions of all four existing raids which include newly updated versions of classic weapons and armor as well as one brand new armor set per raid.
  • A Weekly Raid playlist which will select one of the 390 raids each week and activate all of the raid’s challenge modes, offering more unique rewards like weapon ornaments for those who complete them.
  • A 380 Light Level Heroic Story playlist that ties into a new questline offered by the Speaker.
  • New “Treasure of the Ages” loot boxes that can be earned weekly via various PvP and PvE activities and which can contain new cosmetic items.
  • A 390 Light version of Challenge of Elders.
  • The largest record book in Destiny’s history which tracks all Age of Triumphs activities and accomplishments, granting unique rewards for reaching certain record book ranks.
  • A new “Daybreak” variant for Nightfall strikes which includes a special series of modifiers and the return of the weekly Nightfall buff (including the iconic blue flames).

You can see all of the above and more in the below Age of Triumph trailer:

Unlike previous Destiny events, there is no end date for the Age of Triumph event (at least not for the foreseeable future) so players can take their time progressing through it. The event will go live tomorrow, March 28th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 



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