Check Out This Fully-Functional Halo 5 Rubik's Cube

This takes puzzle-solving to a whole new level.

It’s always amazing to see the kinds of things users can dream up when they’re given access to a game’s creation tools. When it comes to Halo 5’s Forge mode, some of these creations can prove to be pretty remarkable. Case in point—one user managed to create a giant virtual Rubik’s Cube that is fully functional.

This gives all who download the custom creation the ability to put their “game within a game” skills to the ultimate test.

The Halo 5 Rubik’s Cube was created by YouTuber Bradguy and, as you can see over on Bradguy’s YouTube page, he has quite a knack for making impressive in-game installations using Halo 5’s Forge tools. In the video down below, Bradguy provides a visual walkthrough of the Halo 5 Rubik’s Cube module.

First, by showing off how a user can push two different buttons to automatically scramble or reset the Cube. Then, how they can use either their equipped firearm or a provided vehicle to shoot arrows on the Cube’s individual blocks to rotate them.

The module tracks how many “turns” it takes you to solve the Cube, so you can compete with your friends if you like, and there’s even a funny little Easter Egg you can utilize if trying to solve the Cube becomes too frustrating.

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