Destiny: Best Places to Farm Knights

The best places to kill and farm Hive Knights in Destiny.

This guide will show you how to farm Knights in Destiny and the most efficient methods for doing so. Along with Wizards and Thrall, Knights are among the many Hive enemies players will encounter in Destiny. If you’re trying to unlock the Necrochasm, you’ll need to farm Wizards as well.

Best Places to Farm Knights

There are several places you can farm Knights in Destiny rather easily. Keep in mind that only red-health Knights count towards feeding the Husk of the Pit, so avoid going for yellow-health Knights or ones with unique names.

Dreadnaught Patrol

The first place you should go to farm Knights in Destiny is on the Dreadnaught. Start by selecting the Dreadnaught from The Director and choose Patrol. Fight your way through to the Court of Oryx, then stick to the perimeter and start doing laps. Knights will spawn around the entire perimeter of the area, so this is one of the best ways to farm them. Once you kill a Knight, run to the opposite side of the Court of Oryx as you will have a better chance at having another Knight spawn.

Fist of Crota

Another decent way to farm Knights in Destiny is by replaying the Fist of Crota mission on Earth. You should be able to kill a pair of Knights repeatedly during this mission. When you begin the Fist of Crota mission, two Knights will spawn in close to the building. Kill these two Knights, then go to Orbit and restart the mission so you can kill these two Knights again. Repeat the process until you’ve farmed all the Knights you need.

Siege of the Warmind

Finally, the best place to farm Knights in Destiny is during the Siege of the Warmind mission on Earth. Begin the mission and play until you enter the bunker. When Eris says, “we can’t let them reach Rasputin”, be on the lookout for two Knights and a ton of Thrall. Kill the Knights, then jump off the edge. Since the hallway is a Darkness Zone, jumping off the edge will reset you and send you back to the beginning of the checkpoint, allowing you to kill the two Knights again. Let the farming commence!

Knights are found all throughout Destiny, but these are the most efficient ways to farm them. If you followed this guide, you should now know the best and fastest ways to farm Knights in Destiny.


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