Destiny 2 Collector's Edition Leaked

A redditor has leaked the contents of Destiny 2's Collector's Edition.

UPDATE: Knoss has now removed the post from reddit, claiming that his source did not want it going live. Make of that what you will.

Destiny 2’s Collector’s Edition and Limited Edition have been leaked by a reddit user who goes by KnossJXN. While nothing has been confirmed by Activision or Bungie, what Knoss had to say over on the reddit thread is rather interesting.

While this image could have easily been doctored, it adds further credence to the rumor that Destiny 2 is coming to PC.

According to KnossJXN, who works at a Spanish site,, they received word from a Spanish retailer about the contents of Destiny 2’s Collector’s Edition. The information he received was in Spanish, but he has taken it upon himself to translate it into English. Here’s what is allegedly in the Destiny Collector’s Edition:

  • Destiny 2 game
  • Expansions I and II including quests, coop activities, multiplayer content and tons of armor and gear 
  • Legendary sword DLC
  • Legendary emote DLC
  • Cabal empire emblem DLC
  • "Frontier" physical bag you can carry around with a 15" tablet pocket
  • "Frontier" kit including USBcharger with solar panel
  • A paracord
  • A solar rug
  • Limited edition steelbook
  • Collector's edition cabal themed premium box, including a notebook, a map, and collectibles such as postcards and "pawns from the Empire" 

If this leak is correct, it appears as if Destiny 2 is going to be heavy on the Cabal content, which will come as a pleasant change of pace given Destiny 1’s love for Fallen and Hive. It would also make sense, as the latest Destiny 2 teaser trailer depicted Cayde-6 telling a story while Cabal soldiers destroyed The Tower – the Guardian’s base of operations.

Knoss also stated that he received information concerning the Limited Edition of Destiny 2, which is to contain:

  • Destiny 2 base game
  • Expansions I and II
  • The previously explained DLC
  • The steelbook
  • The premium box and all the stuff inside
Destiny 2 is rumored to have limited preorder bonus for participating retailers.
Destiny 2 is rumored to have limited preorder bonus for participating retailers.

The redditor also shared a few images from the Spanish leak, with one picture showing a copy of Destiny 2 on PC. With Destiny 2 – apparently – six months away, we’re expecting these leaks to increase in quantity up until the release. One thing worth noting, is that Knoss specified that some of the preorder bonuses, like the Cayde-6 figurine, appear to be limited to certain retails. As with the first Destiny release, these Collector’s Editions went quickly, so expect these to do the same.

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