World of Tanks Console Goes to Mars on April Fools' Day

World of Tanks console players take a trip to the red planet this weekend.

World of Tanks has always had a knack for organizing some silly and fun events to celebrate April Fools’ Day. This year, World of Tanks players on PlayStation and Xbox can invade the red planet and engage in extraterrestrial space battles during a special April Fools’ Day Mars Mode event all weekend long. 

Next Stop: Mars! will feature low-gravity space battles complete with lasers and Martian spacecraft.

The “Next Stop: Mars!” event runs from March 31st to April 2nd on PS4 and Xbox consoles. The limited-time Mars Mode will consist of low-gravity M24 Lunar Chaffee battles, complete with power-ups, Martian teleporters, and laser beams. Players will also earn the “Life on Mars?” medal for participating in the event. 

The Lunar Chaffee will be available in the garage for the duration of the Next Stop: Mars! event, and will be removed after the weekend. To join a Mars Mode battle, simply select the M24 Lunar Chaffee from the Garage and press Battle to be sent on your space expedition.

While on Mars, players can use ramps to launch across the low-gravity surface of Mars to reach health power-ups and dodge incoming laser fire. Martian spacecraft will also hover in the sky, offering light portals to teleport you to a random location elsewhere on the red planet. Get a taste of what's in store this weekend in the Mars Mode video below.

Keep in mind that Mars battles played in the Lunar Chaffee do not count toward the concurrent “Final IV” event. However, you can still convert the tank XP earned with the Lunar Chaffee into Free XP and use it for training crews from any nation. 

This event looks chaotic but fun. Hopefully the PC version of World of Tanks has something equally interesting planned for April Fools’ Day as well!


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