WGLNA Season 2 Finals Scavenger Hunt is Now Live

Hunt for codes to win free tanks and prizes ahead of the WGLNA Finals.

The WGLNA Season 2 Finals are almost here! In anticipation of the big event, Wargaming is hosting a WGLNA Finals Scavenger Hunt that offers fans a chance to win a number of in-game prizes for World of Tanks. 

Starting today, WGLNA fans can begin hunting for codes hidden throughout various associated websites each day this week. There are nine codes to track down in total, but the first eight codes are enough to earn you a prize from the reward list. The final code is a bonus code that boosts the quality of your initial prize.

Where to Find WGLNA Scavenger Hunt Codes

One new code will appear on a designated website each day this week leading up to the WGLNA Finals. Fans must keep track of the codes they uncover each day, as well as the order in which they were found during the week.

Monday’s code has already been revealed on the main WGLNA Scavenger Hunt announcement page. The websites that contain scavenger hunt codes are listed below, along with the day in which their code will go live. Codes can appear on each website at any time on their designated day. 

Once all eight codes have been found, you must redeem them at this WGLNA Scavenger Hunt code redemption form. You must submit all of the regular eight codes onto the form in the correct order to be eligible for a prize. The bonus code only serves to enhance your prize. 

Entrants are ranked based on the order of submission, so you’ll have to act fast once the final code is revealed if you want to be in the top percentile and earn the best prizes. Codes must be submitted by Saturday, April 8th before midnight (PST), and only one submission is allowed per Wargaming account. 

Prizes include Crew Boosters, Premium time, Large Repair Kits, and best of all, free tanks. Entrants in the top percentiles have a chance to win a Type 59, an FCM 50 t, or a VK 45.03 with their prize bundles.

Head over to the official WGLNA Scavenger Hunt page for additional contest details. The WGLNA Season 2 Finals take place this Saturday, which is when several scavenger hunt codes and the bonus code will be revealed as well. Make sure to clear your schedule for the main event so that you can reap your rewards from the World of Tanks WGLNA Scavenger Hunt!


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