How to farm Destiny 2's new loot cave

A now traditional past-time for Destiny fans.

Destiny 2 has revived the questionable hobby of firing endlessly into a cave to farm loot that its predecessor tried to patch out.

The new loot cave lets you grind tokens for this week’s Faction Rally by slipping in and out of a cave load zone to respawn its token-bearing chest.

  • Head to the Lost Sector named The Weep in the EDZ.
  • Shoot everything in the cave, loot the chest.
  • Run to the cave's rear entrance then back to the chest - it is now lootable again.
  • Just keep running back and forth. That’s it.

This method gets you about three tokens every 15 seconds, which is actually a huge drop rate but your brain suffers as a result.

Bungie attempted to curtail this sort of behavior last game, when players began firing straight into a cave where Fallen mobs spawned in order to farm light off them.

And again, they tried to stop this exact exploit by limiting the loot any lost sector chests can pay out within a given timeframe, but it seems they left Faction tokens out of that code update.


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