CD Projekt has no plans for another Geralt Witcher game

But doesn't rule out other games in the same world.

CD Projekt has reportedly said it has no plans to make a fourth Witcher game starring Geralt of Rivia, but hasn't ruled out returning to the Witcher universe in future.

The news comes from a Polish interview with CD Projekt CEO Adam Kiciński, which was translated by a community member and then spotted by VG247.

In the interview, Kiciński reportedly said he sees Geralt's trilogy as complete - something that probably chimes with the experience of anyone who played the third game - but believes fans and investors would be disappointed if CD Projekt never returned to The Witcher in some way.

Presumably that would mean another protagonist or some other take on the fiction. Obviously we already have Gwent, but Kiciński's comments will inevitably be interpreted as hinting at a future RPG.

Speaking of Gwent, Kiciński reportedly said that it might come to other systems besides PC at some stage in the future.

CD Projekt is currently busy working on Cyberpunk 2077. We're not sure when that's coming out, but we're told to expect a vast adventure.


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