6 Best Maps in World of Tanks

Six of the greatest maps currently available in World of Tanks.

Aside from tanks, maps are the bread and butter of World of Tanks, and we’ve already talked about the maps we want brought back in World of Tanks, so we’re fairly certain Wargaming is aware!

Today, we decided to talk about six of the best maps in World of Tanks (the ones that are currently available for use, of course). Remember to leave a comment letting me know which map you feel should've been on the list, or if your map made it onto the list, why you like it so much.

Sacred Valley

Starting off our list of six best maps in World of Tanks is Sacred Valley, a map that comes up continually in conversation whenever people talk about their favorite maps. This snow-capped map features winding valleys, hills, and rises which appeal to a variety of tank types from the thick-skinned heavy, to the SPG that wants to sit back and lob shots.

With a few Japanese-style temples in the southeast, Light tanks will feel at home spotting the Mediums who like to brawl a bit around the destructible environment. Although, many Light tanks will still prefer to slink around the middle.

The entire map is honeycombed with roads and pathways, making it relatively easy to traverse the map. For tanks that suffer poor ground resistance, though, just be careful not to get picked off. Sacred Valley is just a gorgeous map to play on, both for the mechanics and gameplay as well as the aesthetics.

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