Yooka-Laylee - Where to Find Trowzers, the Trouser-Wearing Snake

Where to find Trowzers, the snake who wears trousers, in Yooka-Laylee.

This guide will show you where to find Trowzers, the trouser-wearing snake, in Yooka-Laylee. Trowzers is a character that turns up several times throughout your adventure through Yooka-Laylee to sell and teach you new skills.

If you want to unlock all skills in the game, you will need to find Trowzers in each of the five worlds!

Shipwreck Creek

Before the gate unlocks you can find Trowzer standing there, ready to teach you.

The first time you can find Trowzer is right at the beginning of the game in Shipwreck Creek. After the book is stolen, you can find Trowzer near a golden gate. He’ll teach you Tail Twirl for free so you can smash open the pirate chests to collect Quills. He’ll say he needs 5 Quills to tell you where all the Pagies went, but don’t worry, he doesn’t actually take them.

Hivory Towers

Just near the railing is where you'd find Trowzer when you first enter Hivory Towers.

When you enter Hivory Towers for the first time, Trowzer will be to your left near the railing. Speak to him and he’ll tell you where a Pagie is located. After collecting the first Pagie, Trowzer will teach you the Reptile Roll skills for free.

Tribalstack Tropics

Find Trowzer on the first floor of the Temple in the center of Tribalstack Tropics.

From the start of Tribalstack Tropics, go up the ramp and head forward to the temple in the center of the map. There are ramps that lead up to the next level, use Reptile Roll to go up these ramps. You can find Trowzer standing by the pillar.

Here you can purchase Sonar Shot, Slurp Shot, and Buddy Slam from him.

Hivory Towers

You can find Trowzer in this little hallway leading to World 2.

When you decide to move to World 2 in Yooka-Laylee, you will come across Trowzers before a large gap. This is where Trowzer will sell you Glide for free.

Glitterglaze Glacier

Down by the water is where you'll find Trowzer in Glitterglaze Glacier.

You can find Trowzer in the second world, Glitterglaze Glacier, down by the water. Start the level and follow the path as it bends around to the right. Instead of going up the ramps on the mountain, continue forward and head down to the water to find this trouser-wearing snake salesman!

Hivory Towers – Archive

On your way to World 3, you can find Trowzer in the Archive.

When you think it’s time to find World 3, you can find Trowzer in the Archive section of Hivory Tower. Here, he will teach you another move for free, this time it’s Bubble Walk.

Moodymaze Marsh

Trowzer is a little further into the level in World 3. You can spot him near a huge glowing mushroom.

You can find Trowzer in World 3, Moodymaze Marsh by following the main path along. You’ll go underwater, jump over a small river and round a corner. In the open area you’ll find a giant yellow mushroom, and below this mushroom is Trowzer.

Hivory Towers – Outside

On your way to World 4 is where you'll find Trowzers next. On your first time through, he'll be below this pink neon arrow.

After you’ve finished with Moodymaze Marsh and want to find World 4, you will come across Trowzer. You will head outside and see the big machines running Hivory Hotel, continue along the boardwalks and find Trowzer near a security camera operated gate. Here he will teach you Camo Cloak for free.

Capital Cashino

In World 4, Capital Cashino, you can see Trowzer in the distance on the left with an arrow above his head.

You can find Trowzer in Capital Casino as soon as you start the level. Head out past the security cameras and look to the left of the banker. You can see Trowzer next to a bright neon arrow.

Hivory Towers – Toxic Tunnel

On your way to World 5, you can find Trowzer by this toxic-filled hallway.

After visiting World 4 and leaving the book to Hivory Towers, you can find Trowzer if you double-back and head to where you came from, past the security cameras. He’ll be on the opposite side of the area to Vendi, near a lot of toxic gasses and sludge. This is where you’ll learn the skill Flappy Flight for free!

Galleon Galaxy

The last place you'll find Trowzer is below the lighthouse in World 5, Galleon Galaxy.

Finally, the last place you can meet Trowzer is in World 5, Galleon Galaxy. You can meet him just after the start of the level. Make your way across the large gap using Flappy Flight, and land near the building below the lighthouse. Trowzer is at the bottom of a ramp with laser grids.

Trowzer makes his way all around the world of Yooka-Laylee, and if you can find him you’ll be rewarded with free moves or you’ll be able to purchase new skills! A lot of the skills you learn require a lot of energy, so be sure to collect all Energy Extenders. If you read this guide, you should now know where to find Trowzer, the trouser-wearing snake in Yooka-Laylee.

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