Infinite Warfare: Shaolin Shuffle - All Kung Fu Fighting Styles

How to get each elemental animal fighting style in the Shaolin Shuffle Zombies map.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has decided to add elemental Kung Fu fighting styles to your arsenal of abilities for the Shaolin Shuffle Zombies map in the new Continuum DLC. This guide will explain how to obtain each of these four elemental Kung Fu fighting styles, along with what they’re used for. 

The elemental animal fighting styles in Shaolin Shuffle allow players to use one of four different Kung Fu fighting styles while battling funky disco zombies. Each ability can be upgraded individually, and you can’t use weapons while in your Kung Fu fighting stance.

How to Get Kung Fu Animal Fighting Styles

In order to get each of the Kung Fu animal fighting styles, you must enter the Black Cat Dojo and speak with the Sensei, Pam Grier. 

After speaking to the Sensei, the four Chi Power gourd bottles sitting at each pillar inside the Dojo will turn a different color. These colors correspond to each of the four animal fighting styles: yellow for Dragon, green for Snake, red for Tiger, and blue for Crane.  

Approach one of the Chi Power gourds and select which Kung Fu fighting style you wish to train first. Initially, the Chi Power for your fighting stance will only last for about one round, so be prepared to pick up another gourd throughout the map to refill your ability meter. 

Once you have selected your desired elemental fighting style from the gourds, you can enter your Kung Fu fighting stance by pressing right on the D-pad of your controller. Keep in mind that you can’t use a gun while in your Kung Fu fighting stance. 

How to Upgrade Each Fighting Style

Each elemental Kung Fu fighting style needs to be upgraded in order for you to access its super ability. To upgrade each fighting style, you must complete a series of challenges. 

Get 15 Melee Kills

After selecting your initial fighting style, your goal will be to get 15 melee kills using your new fighting ability, regardless of which animal style you chose. Enter your fighting stance and start smacking zombies. The icon in the upper left corner will track your progress. 

Get 25 Shuriken Kills

Once the Melee task is complete, your next challenge will be to kill 25 zombies using the Shuriken ninja star. To throw the Shuriken, press R1 or the top right bumper on your controller while in your fighting stance. Hitting zombies with the Shuriken can be a bit tricky, so just make sure you’re actually killing them with the Shuriken by keeping an eye on your kill count in the upper left corner. 

To see each elemental animal fighting style, check them out in this video by CodeNamePizza.

Get 50 Chi Power Kills

After completing the first two tasks, a new Chi Power move will unlock for your chosen fighting stance. This is where each Kung Fu fighting style begins to distinguish itself from the others. This time you'll need to secure 50 Chi Power kills in order to unlock the final Kung Fu upgrade. Each animal fighting style has a different Chi Power for battling zombies: 

  • Dragon - Yellow flames shoot up from the ground in a designated spot.
  • Crane - Freezes zombies in place before killing them.
  • Snake - Summons a skeleton companion from the ground to fight zombies.
  • Tiger - Gravity grenade that sucks in zombies into a single spot before killing them (think Gersch Device). 

Kung Fu Super Move

Once you’ve completed enough Chi Power kills, you will finally unlock the ultimate super move for your fighting style. To activate your super move, press both L1 and R1 (or left and right top bumpers) at the same time. Again, each of these super abilities will differ based on animal style.

  • Dragon - Forms a huge dragon that kills zombies while circling around where you were standing.
  • Crane - Super fast horizontal kicking through the air.
  • Snake - Super fast forward-chop motion. Similar to Crane, but uses hands instead of feet.
  • Tiger - Explosive ground-pound. 

That’s it! Now that you know how to get each elemental Kung Fu fighting style in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Shaolin Shuffle DLC, make sure to completely turn on the power and unlock the Pack-A-Punch machine room to begin the next steps of the Rat King boss easter egg.


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