World of Tanks Update 9.18 Is Now Live

The update includes an improved matchmaker, revised light tank branches, and more.

Wargaming has officially updated World of Tanks to version 9.18 with a sizeable patch that includes major new features such as an improved matchmaking system, SPG revisions for artillery, sweeping changes for all light tank tech branches, and more.

The improved matchmaking, light tank tech tree changes, and SPG revisions are the three major highlights of the 9.18 update. This is likely why Wargaming made them the focus of this new post on the World of Tanks website.

In short, the game’s matchmaking now uses a new template-based algorithm to better facilities balanced matches, light tanks have had their tech trees adjusted and a new tier X category added, and SPGs now deal less direct damage to single targets. Because of this, SPGs now gain a larger benefit from hitting multiple targets at once, especially if they’re stunned.

You can read the full patch notes for update 9.18 here, and you can also watch a new video overview of the update’s new features below.

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