Tips to Win the Game Modes of Super League's City Champs

Use these tips to build and battle your way to victory in Minecraft City Champs.

zIn each Super League’s Minecraft City Champs gaming session, players compete against other City Clubs in seven different Minecraft game modes on the big screen. To emerge as one of the top City Clubs, players in each City Club will need to work together and devise thoughtful strategies to earn the most points for their team. 

This guide offers a rundown of all seven game modes in Minecraft City Champs and what players must do to achieve victory as a team. Winning each game mode requires a balance of teamwork, strategy, and creative thinking.

Minecraft City Champs Game Modes

Before we give our tips for winning, you’ll first need to know what each game mode is all about. Players will play through seven Minecraft game modes during each Minecraft City Champs play session. We have several tips listed under each game mode overview below to help players achieve success during the main event.


At its core, Minecraft is essentially a zombie survival game, which is why the Zombies game mode should be a natural fit for any experienced Minecraft player.

The Zombies game mode puts player’s survival skills to the test by making them survive endless waves of Zombies and other Minecraft monsters for as long as possible. The longer you survive, the more points you earn. The team that clears the highest wave of Zombies and earns the most points in the given time limit wins.  

The goal in Zombies is to survive for as long as possible. Players can revive fallen allies in the area, so it’s important to stick together and work to slay Zombies as a team. As players survive each wave, new doors will unlock, allowing players to access better items for survival. 


  • Always stay close by your teammates so you can revive one another when necessary.
  • Keep your killstreak going by staying alive so that you can gain better items.
  • The Zombies get progressively smarter after each wave. Don’t underestimate your enemies! 

Workshop TNT

Workshop TNT is all about building, teamwork, and explosions! In this game mode, teams are given access to endless Creative Mode resources and an open plot of land to build a massive TNT launcher. The goal is to create an explosive device that will destroy as much of your target as possible. The team that destroys the most target blocks with their explosive device wins. 

Since building is the focus of Workshop TNT, players won’t have to worry about combat. Players who know their way around a redstone circuit get to flex their creative muscle in this explosive game mode. 


  • Pack your launcher with as much TNT as possible. The more TNT you load into your cannon, the farther it will fire and the more target blocks it will destroy.
  • Need some inspiration? There’s a pre-made example located near your plot of land to help give you an idea of what to build.


The Walls game mode features a blend of both offensive and defensive gameplay. In Walls, each team has a Crystal that they must protect at all costs. To defend their Crystal, players must build up their defenses using traps, walls, and other items. At the same time, players must also try to damage the enemy team’s Crystal as much as possible before time runs out. The team whose Crystal receives the least amount of damage wins. 

To get the best offensive and defensive items, players will need to kill Pigmen in their team’s underground dungeon in order to gain emeralds that can be traded for better items. Teams are given a limited amount of time at the start of each round to gather resources and build their defensive structures. 


  • Emeralds are the key to better resources. Kill as many Pigmen as possible in your dungeon so that you can exchange them for the best items.
  • Work to your strengths. If you are particularly good at building, help your team build the best defensive setup to protect your Crystal. If you’re better at PvP, use your offensive skills to deal damage to the enemy Crystal.
  • Watch out for enemy traps!


Hope you’ve got some block-shaped cleats! In the Soccer game mode, players must compete in a three-round mini soccer tournament. Just like regular soccer, teams score points by kicking the soccer ball into the opponent’s net. The team that has won the most rounds at the end of the tournament wins. 


  • Double jump by pressing the spacebar twice. The double jump also propels you forward, which can come in handy when you want to get across the map quickly.
  • Keep your goal protected. If you see a majority of your team making an offensive push, hang back a bit to ensure your goalie has some extra defensive support. 


Domination works similarly to how it does in other multiplayer games. The goal is to capture designated territories on the map and hold them for as long as possible. At the start of the Domination battle, players must choose between five playable Heroes, each of which have special powers and abilities. 

The capture process takes about 12 seconds, and during this time players must fight off any enemies who may be trying to intervene. Teams can earn points faster by seizing multiple territories throughout the map. 

Like a virtual tug-of-war, the enemy team will be attempting to secure your capture points from under you while conquering their own territories as well. The team with the highest score at the end of the time limit wins, so you must secure as many capture points as possible. 


  • Travel with teammates when heading to a capture point location. Strength in numbers!
  • Stay close to your captured territory to fend off any incoming enemy players.
  • Choose a Hero based on which abilities you think would be best for defending a capture point. 


In Mayhem, players must fend for themselves in an all-out Minecraft battle royale. The goal is to fight  and defeat as many opponents as possible to earn points. Mayhem also includes super masks that allow players to transform into a notable Minecraft Hero. The team with the highest amount of kill points at the end of the time limit wins. 


  • The longer you stay alive, the more points you earn for each kill. Be aggressive, but stay cautious as well.
  • Use the map to your advantage by running up obstacles or platforms to dodge opponents who are after you.
  • Don’t be too trusting. You might get a diamond axe in your back! 

Crystal Crater

The seventh game mode in Minecraft City Champs is called Crystal Crater. In this mode, players must try to keep their team’s reactor energized while also attempting to damage the enemy team’s reactor. Players wield a Stun Blaster that is meant to damage enemy reactors and stun enemy players. 

To keep the reactor running, players need to gather Crystals from the reactor arena in the center of the map and bring them back to the reactor at their base. While collecting Crystals sounds easy, there is one catch: only one player on a team can carry a Crystal at a time. The team that maintains their reactor’s energy the longest or is the last team standing with an energized reactor wins. 


  • Since only one player on a team can carry Crystals at a time, it’s important to communicate with teammates to determine who that player is going to be.
  • When a teammate goes to collect a Crystal, make sure some teammates stay back to defend the Crystal.
  • Be ready to stun enemy players who are trying to collect Crystals to interrupt their efforts. 

Aside from Mayhem, communication plays a key role in each of the Minecraft City Champs game modes. It’s important for players to converse and strategize with teammates around them in the auditorium so that everyone is on the same page. 

While strategy is important, the key to winning each game mode is to keep an open mind and have fun. Minecraft has always been a great tool for creativity, and this only gets better when playing with other like-minded players. Follow the tips listed for each game mode to ensure your team comes out on the top of the Super League City Champs leaderboard.

City Champs Minecraft Locations

City Champs Minecraft events will be held in multiple cities over the coming months. Head over to the City Champs Minecraft event page for details on the dates and times for each city’s gaming sessions. The participating theaters and locations are as follows:

Cinemark Playa Vista and XD

12746 W Jefferson Blvd #3190, Los Angeles, CA 90094

Cinemark Paradise 24

15601 Sheridan St, Davie, FL 33331

Cinemark Seven Bridges and IMAX

6500 IL-53, Woodridge, IL 60517

Cinemark 17 and IMAX Theatre

11819 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75234

Cinemark Memorial City Houston

Memorial City Mall, 310 Memorial City Way, Houston, TX 77024

Redwood Downtown 20 and XD

The Old Spaghetti Factory, 825 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City, CA 94063

Century 16 Boulder

Twenty Ninth Street Mall, 1700 29th St., Boulder, CO 80301

Century 16 Santa Fe Station

4949 N Rancho Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89130

iPic Redmond

Redmond Town Center, 16541 NE 74th St, Redmond, WA 98052

iPic Fulton Market

11 Fulton St New York, NY 10038

Showcase Cinema de Lux, Patriot Place

Patriot Place, 24 Patriot Pl. Foxborough, MA 2035

Harkins Theatres SanTan Village 16

SanTan Village, 2298 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296


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