Outlast 2 - How to Find Bandages and Heal

Learn how to find and use bandages in Outlast 2.

In Outlast 2, players can improve their chances for survival by using bandages to heal when severely wounded. To obtain bandages in Outlast 2, players need to improve their stealth capabilities to effectively avoid being detected by enemies. Follow this guide to learn more about where to find bandages to heal major wounds and improve your survivability in Outlast 2. 

Where to Find Bandages 

Finding bandages in Outlast 2 works similarly to how you would go about finding batteries. Bandages will slightly glow just like batteries do, indicating that they can be collected. Look for bandages in first aid containers, and anywhere you would normally look for batteries as well. Search cabinets, tabletops, drawers, and in between cracks and crevices just in case. The best way to scavenge for bandages and other items is to play cautiously and stealthily so that you can avoid alerting enemies while gathering items. 

Outlast 2 doesn’t use a health bar to monitor your physical condition. However, you’ll know your health is low if you get injured bad enough to start bleeding. Enemies wielding sharp weapons such as knives or machetes can cause you to bleed if you get hit by their weapons, causing an on-screen prompt to appear when you need to heal. 

Bandages look like small glowing spools of gauze in Outlast 2.

How to Use Bandages 

To use a bandage, bring up the Inventory by pressing either the touch pad on the PS4 controller or the Options button on an Xbox One controller. Press Triangle or Y to apply one to your character. Bandages are stored in your right pocket, and you can see how many bandages you have left by looking in the Inventory. 

Use your bandages only when severely wounded or bleeding out and you’ve made significant progress from the last checkpoint. Since bandages become scarce as you progress through Outlast 2, you won’t want to use them up early in areas that you could have easily replayed. Sure, dying and restarting from an earlier checkpoint can be kind of a drag, but it’s better to have a supply of bandages in more difficult situations when you truly need them. 

Spotting bandages in Outlast 2 is pretty easy, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find them in abundance. Use bandages only when you are critically wounded to survive through tough situations. Now that you know where to find bandages, make sure you also know where to find batteries in Outlast 2 as well. 


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