Battlefield 1 is Changing Player and Vehicle Movement

Movement changes are coming as a part of the Battlefield Roots Initiative.

As a part of DICE’s “Battlefield Roots Initiative”, Battlefield 1 will be getting some adjustments to its core gameplay mechanics, which includes changes to player and vehicle movement, among other things. Players can test out these changes on the Community Test Environment (CTE) and provide feedback prior to the changes going onto live servers. 

Below is a list of what players can expect regarding changes to character and vehicle movement, according to DICE.

Player Movement

Vaulting inconsistency

  • Landing animation: Soldier goes into a “crouched” animation where he is fully able to fire but is hard to hit.
  • Soldier flinching: When shot in the head, the head flinches towards a direction making a follow-up headshot impossible.
  • Getting pushed from walls and other collisions: When prone, player gets forced into a different stance if he is too close to a wall or object.
  • Firing while falling: Bringing back the BF4 year two changes. (Shooting while falling in BF4 only became possible after a change that allowed it only after performing a jump).

Movement Creeps

  • Movements over small height changes, getting blocked by very small things, sliding back on small collisions.
  • Stance changes sometimes slowing down the soldier too much and building negative momentum.

Global Movement Speed Reduced

  • Soldier speed tone down.
  • ADAD Spam fix.

Bayonet Charge 

  • Turn radius, angular speed.
  • Point blank charges / too short distance charges.

Vehicle Movement


  • Not jumping small fences.
  • Getting stuck too often in trenches.
  • Messy horse versus horse fights where one horse would tend to jump above the other one.

Sidecars and Scout Cars

  • Clunky experience.
  • Lack of player control over the vehicles. They either turn too much or don't turn far enough.
  • Tends to drift too much.

Armored Cars 

  • Gets stuck in vertical obstacles such as craters.


  • Bombers vs fighters control consistency when disabled. 

With the changes to movement mechanics taken care of, the next scheduled changes will be for melee and weapon mechanics. Besides the bayonet charge mentioned above, it’s unclear what the developers are looking for regarding the weapon adjustments, but players can experience whatever upcoming changes DICE has in store by participating on the CTE. 

All changes in the Battlefield Roots Initiative will be implemented on the CTE before going into an update for the live servers. Players can stay up to date with the scheduled changes by visiting the Battlefield Live subreddit. Let us know if you’re looking forward to these changes by leaving a comment below.


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