The Surge - How to Farm Components and Armor Materials

Where to find the components and materials to upgrade and build new armor for your Exo-Rig in The Surge.

This guide will show you how to farm crafting components and materials needed to build new schematics in The Surge. As you play through The Surge, you’ll be learning how to get new Schematics to build new armor sets, but to create these Schematics you will need armor materials or “Components”. Farming components and armor materials is extremely important if you want to upgrade your weapons and armor in The Surge.

Each piece of armor requires a specific material for it to be crafted:

  • Head – Cortical Processor
  • Arms – Force Regulators
  • Chest – Rig Armature
  • Legs – Pneumatic Helix

These materials each come in different “Mark” varieties: Mk I, II, III, and IV. As you progress through the game, the armor materials you collect from the enemies will increase in level, allowing you to create and upgrade your armor to stronger versions.

How to Farm Armor Materials

Farming for crafting materials or components in The Surge is necessary if you want to upgrade your gear.

Once you’ve collected the Schematics for new armor parts, you’ll need to begin farming materials to create these new pieces of armor. Farming for materials in The Surge is an easy process, but takes some careful precision.

Each armor material is collected by cutting off a specific part of an enemy’s body. If you want to upgrade or create Arms, you will need to cut of the arms off enemies in order to collect Force Regulators.

To do this, find an enemy that has arm armor on, and target that specific section. You can do this by locking onto them, and using your aiming (right-stick on console) to highlight the specific part.

Charge your energy bar, then target the limb you want to cut off and hold the Finisher button. Collect the salvage and take it to the Gear Assembly to recycle it into materials.
Charge your energy bar, then target the limb you want to cut off and hold the Finisher button. Collect the salvage and take it to the Gear Assembly to recycle it into materials.

If the part you’re locked-on to is blue, it will be damaged extremely quickly – sometimes too quickly for you to build up your energy for a Finisher move. In this event, use a weaker weapon to build up energy then switch to your main weapon to deal the necessary damage.

Attack the section of armor until your Finisher move is available, then press and hold the Finisher button until you have sliced the armor off the enemy. Be careful, as you can be interrupted while holding the Finisher button.

Once the Finisher move completes and the armor falls off, there’s a good-to-high chance the armor will be able to be picked up off the ground. Collect the armor piece, it will enter your inventory as a “Wrecked armor”, and when you next visit the Gear Assembly machine in Ops, it will be recycled into materials.

If you want to upgrade your armor, or create more powerful armor, you will need to visit higher-level areas in order to farm the different “Marks”. You can easily collect Mark I armor materials in the first area, and each area after that will reward you with higher Mark Materials. Once you have enough components and armor materials, you can create new weapons and upgrade them, then you can learn how to equip more weapons so you're always prepared!

Take some time to familiarize yourself with areas before you begin farming, so you know what enemies can drop what pieces of armor. If you read this guide, you should now know how to farm crafting components and armor materials in The Surge.

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