The Surge - How to Equip More Weapons

How to have more than one weapon at once in The Surge.

This guide will show you how to equip more weapons in The Surge. When you first start The Surge, all you have is a Reclaimed Piston to attack enemies. However, as you move through the game, you’ll learn how to get new Schematics and create new weapons.

Each weapon belongs to a certain weapon type, that each has their own benefits and drawbacks. Sometimes it can be helpful to have more than one weapon type equipped so you are prepared for different circumstances.

For instance, having a Staff as your primary weapon can be useful, but if you encounter an enemy that could be fought better with a Heavy-duty weapon, then having available for use can be helpful.

How to Equip More Weapons

How to equip more weapons in The Surge
Equipping another weapon is a good idea so you have more options when fighting enemies in The Surge. © Deck13

In order to equip more weapons, you will need to collect more weapons, either through finding them in the levels of cutting them off of enemies by targeting their weapon-holding arm. This is an important process in getting new Schematics. It can also help if you learn to upgrade weapons in The Surge, so you can equip more powerful weapons.

Once you have the weapon you want to equip, head back to the OPS of the level. To find the Ops, follow the signs back or if you don’t mind losing Tech Scrap, die and you will respawn in Ops.

Go to the Gear Assembly machine right near the MedBay and create the weapon using the weapon Schematic. You will need to ensure you have the right amount of Tech Scrap and the materials you need to create it - check out our guide on how to farm materials in The Surge if you don't have enough resources.

Now that the weapon is created, open up the menu and select “Weapons” from the Gear tab. In this menu you are able to equip more weapons.

How to use more weapons in the Surge
You can cycle between all the weapons you have equipped. To do this, highlight the weapon you want in your weapon line-up and mark it as a favorite. When you're running around, you'll be able to switch to it easily! © Deck13

Highlight the weapon you want to equip as a back-up weapon and press the “Mark as Favorite” button. On PC it is the C key, on Xbox One it is X, and on PlayStation 4 it is Square. This will apply a yellow star in the top-right corner of the box, marking the weapon as a favorite.

Exit the menu and start playing again. To swap from your primary weapon to your back-up weapon, press right on the D-pad on console or the G key on PC to swap to your other weapon. You can have as many weapons as you want equipped as back-up weapons, you will just need to press the button several times to swap to it.

To equip more than one weapon, mark them as Favorites in the menu. Having a few options during combat can help you beat different enemies, but too many weapons can get confusing.

If you followed this guide, you should now know how to equip more weapons in The Surge.

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