The Surge - Weapons Types Guide

The different weapon types in The Surge.

This guide will show you the different weapon types in The Surge. There are five different weapons types you can collect over the course of the game, each with dozens of different weapons to use. Each weapon type is tailored toward a certain style of play, so it’s best to pick a weapon that matches your preferred style.

All the weapons types have their own vertical attacks, horizontal attacks, and dodge attacks to learn. Stringing these different attacks together will allow you to easily overcome any enemy you might find. A point to remember is that each weapon will increase in power once you learn how to upgrade weapons in The Surge.


The Staff weapon type in The Surge are two-handed and light, making them fast and deadly.

The Staff weapon type in The Surge is a long pole instrument held with two hands. This type of weapon has fast attacks, moderate damage and good reach. After landing several hits, the staff’s combo shifts to a series of rapid jabs – excellent at chunking enemy health. This weapon type is best used by players who prefer fast attacks and range.

Staff Weapons


Twin-rigged weapons are short-ranged but ultra fast.

Twin-rigged weapons are weapons attached to each arm of the Exo-Rig suit, and offer extremely fast attack speeds at the cost of range and damage. The twin-rigged weapons are short but deadly, requiring you to get in close and land a flurry of attacks.

Twin-rigged Weapons

  • Corroded Butterfly
  • CREO IP-75 ‘Inducer’
  • Firebug Throttle
  • YOSUKE Butterfly


The Single-rigged weapon type is an all-rounder weapon, though slow at attacking.

Single-rigged are similar to the Twin-rigged weapon type, but are attached to a single arm of the Exo-Rig. The single-rigged weapons in The Surge offer powerful attacks at the cost of speed. These hard-hitting weapons are good for slow and powerful builds that prefer high damage over attack speed.

Single-rigged Weapons

  • ASTir SpectreBite
  • KLINGE Power Grip
  • MG Legionnaire
  • A.X. Imperator
  • Volatile Spectre


One-handed weapon types are the equivalent of a long sword in The Surge, good at everything but doesn't excel.

The one-handed weapon type in The Surge is held in the hand, as opposed to being attached to the Exo-Rig. This weapon type is like the classic “sword” in other RPG or Souls-like games. They offer a good range of options, but don’t excel in any single area. One-handed weapons are an excellent option for the player that wants a good balance between speed and power.

One-handed Weapons

  • ASTir Vibro-Cutter
  • Codename: Parsifal
  • FENRIS A-7
  • Reclaimed Piston


The Heavy-duty weapon type is slow but extremely powerful.

Heavy-duty is a two-handed weapon type in The Surge that boasts extremely high damage and very slow attacks. However, they also have extremely high energy gain, meaning your energy bar fills quicker, allowing you to use abilities sooner. These weapons hit harder than anything else in the game, but have long attack patterns leaving you open to attack. The heavy-duty weapons are great for players who don’t mind getting hit while landing devastating blows.

Heavy-duty Weapons

There are a variety of weapon types in The Surge that compliment any sort of playstyle. Staves and twin-rigged weapons are great for players who like speed over damage, single-rigged and heavy-duty weapons are great for players who prefer damage over speed, and one-handed weapons are ideal for players who want a little bit of both.

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If you read this guide, you should now know all weapon types in The Surge.

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