The Five Greatest Video Game Easter Eggs

Proof that video game developers can be very clever when they want to be.

There are many great video games out there which can easily be considered classics based on their own merits. However, for some gamers, the true joy of playing a video game comes from discovering all of its hidden Easter Eggs.

In games, Easter Eggs usually take the form of well-hidden secrets that reference another game or game series. Below, we’ve listed five of the greatest Easter Eggs in video game history (in our opinion). These range from clever riffs on a game developer’s previous fumbles, to fun non-canon additions, and even a direct reference to a game that—at the time—wasn’t even announced yet! 

Dead Rising – Jill’s Sandwiches

When the original Resident Evil first launched for Sony’s PlayStation many years ago, it contained some hilariously cheesy dialogue, much of which was spoken by the loveable side-character, Barry Burton.

Sure, the greatest line was undoubtedly when Barry referred to protagonist Jill Valentine as the “master of unlocking,” but a close runner-up was when, after Jill narrowly avoided being crushed by a trap, Barry remarked how she had come “this close” to being a “Jill sandwich.”

Several years later when the first Dead Rising game came out, Capcom just couldn’t help poking fun at itself by giving one of the food court restaurants in the game’s shopping mall setting an appropriate name: Jill’s Sandwiches.   


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