Best USSR Tank Lines in World of Tanks

Picking a new tank line in World of Tanks can be tricky, so here are some of the best tank lines the USSR has to offer!

The Russian, or USSR, tech tree offers some of the best tank lines in World of Tanks. At first glance, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Because of this, we’ve scoured the tech tree and come up with some of the best USSR tank lines to help players make their next choice.

Let us know in the comments what USSR tank lines are your favorite.

USSR Light Tank Line

The T-100 LT is one of the newest tanks to hit World of Tanks, and is a rewarding conclusion to the USSR's Light tank line.

There’s only one USSR Tank line in World of Tanks that now—thanks to the recent addition of Tier 10 Light tanks—finishes with the T-100 LT (which we've previously covered in our Tier 10 Light tank overview).

While a few other Light tanks exist in other lines, they all turn into Medium or Heavy tanks. The start of this USSR Light tank line begins with two choices, either following the T-60 or the BT-2. The T-60 eventually leads to a Medium, with the option of continuing along on more Light tanks if you take a branch.

However, the BT-2 Light tank offers a pure Light tank line, and the BT-2 itself is an enjoyable starting point. The tank offers extremely fast speeds (65km/h), allowing you to quickly zoom around the map shooting and scooting.

One of the newest tanks added to the game is the LTG, a good midway point for the USSR Light tank line, and a vehicle that offers similar speeds to the BT-2 and a well-fortified turret with 110mm of armor.

Rounding off the USSR Light tank line is the T-100 LT, a rather squat and well-armored Light tank. This tank is best used to flank and surprise enemies, and thanks to its excellent camouflage rating, the T-100 LT is a solid reward for working down one of the best USSR Tank lines in World of Tanks.

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