Prey - All Fabrication Plan Locations

Where to find every Fabrication Plan blueprint in Prey.

In Prey, Fabrication Plans are a type of blueprint that allow players to craft various items including Neuromods, weapons, and medkits. Several of the Fabrication Plans can be found in multiple areas, so if you miss one, browse through our guide to see if you can find the same plan elsewhere. This guide will help players track down every Fabrication Plan in each major location of Talos I in Prey. 

Neuromod Division

Psi Hypo Fabrication Plan

Shortly after leaving your apartment, head to the Simulation Debriefing room. There's a safe in the corner that can be opened using the code 5150. Inside, you'll find a Psi Hypo Fabrication Plan along with some other useful items.

Neuromod Fabrication Plan

This Neuromod Fabrication Plan is found in Halden Graves’ office in the Fabrication area of the Volunteer Quarters. Read Bianca Goodwin’s emails in the Talos I Executive Offices to get the keycode to access the Volunteer Quarters. Loot the body on the ground on Level 1 to get the keycard for the Fabrication area, and enter through the blocked doorway. This Fabrication Plan allows you to craft your own Neuromods.

Huntress Boltcaster Fabrication Plan

You'll need to come back to this computer once you've obtained Hacking 1.

This Fabrication Plan is found on Caleb Hawethorne's computer inside the Research & Design office in the Neuromod Division. You’ll need to unlock Hacking 1 first in order to access the computer terminal. Once you hack into the system, go to Files and press Transfer Files to download the Huntress Boltcaster Fabrication Plan.

Disruptor Stun Gun Fabrication Plan

Go through the Level 2 door to the Volunteer Quarters. To open the door, use the code 8545 or 9758. Inside the office to the left is the Disruptor Stun Gun Fabrication Plan, just beside the bottles of bourbon.

Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan

The Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan is found on the crash cart in Volunteer Testing.
The Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan is found on the crash cart in Volunteer Testing.

Head to the Neuromod Installation and Extraction area in Volunteer Testing. An Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan should be on top a crash cart. 

Talos 1 Lobby 

Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan

One of the Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plans in Prey is located inside a safe the Security Station office in the Talos I Lobby. To get into the Security Station, you’ll need the Security Station keycard as well as the safe code. To find the keycard, go up to the second floor I.T. Security Room and look on the desk to the left. Once inside the Security Office, look for the Security Station safe code in a book on the desk. Open the safe to get the Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan.

GLOO Canister Fabrication Plan

There are two Fabrication Plans located in Morgan Yu’s office. The first is the GLOO Canister Fabrication Plan, which is inside the safe. The code to enter Morgan Yu’s office is 0451.

Wrench Fabrication Plan

While you’re snagging the previous plan in Morgan Yu’s office, make sure to look on the desk beside the Fabricator machine to obtain the Wrench Fabrication Plan as well.

9mm Bullet Fabrication Plan

The Fabrication Plan for crafting 9mm bullets is found on a corpse in the Teleconferencing Center in the Talos I Lobby. This corpse also carried the Silenced Pistol.

Medkit Fabrication Plan

To find the first Medkit Fabrication Plan, head to the Trauma Center on the second floor of the Talos I Lobby, just across from the Staff Lounge. Look for this plan on top the desk in the middle of the room. 

Hardware Labs 

Silenced Pistol Ammo Fabrication Plan

Enter the Security Room inside the Hardware Labs. Pass under the debris to enter the office. Beside the Security Station terminal, you'll find the Silenced Pistol Ammo Fabrication Plan on the desk.

Artax Propulsion System Fabrication Plan

The Atrax Propulsion System Fabrication Plan is a critical story item, so it shouldn't be hard to miss in the Hardware Labs.
The Atrax Propulsion System Fabrication Plan is a critical story item, so it shouldn't be hard to miss in the Hardware Labs.

This plan is located in Machine Shop 2F. Head to the far right corner and look for this plan on top the desk across from the Recycler.

Huntress Boltcaster & Ammunition Fabrication Plans

Head to the Machine Shop in Prey’s Hardware Labs. Access Mary Malinaro's computer across from Franklin Goode's computer where you found the Artax Propulsion System Plan. Go to Files and download the Boltcaster Ammunition Fabrication Plans from Mary's workstation.

Medkit Fabrication Plan

Another Medkit Fabrication Plan can be found in the second floor atrium in the Hardware Labs area. The plan is on top the gurney in the medbay.

Weapon Kit Fabrication Plan

This plan is in the machine Shop in the back-right corner within the caged area. You must unlock the Leverage 3 ability in order to lift the blockade over the door. The Weapon Kit Fabrication Plan lets players craft weapon upgrade kits.

Q-Beam Cell Fabrication Plan

To get the Q-Beam Cell Fabrication Plan, you must use Mimic to get through the ajar maintenance hatch leading to the Blackbox Lab. The plan is found on the Phantom that’s locked inside. Alternatively, you can download this plan from the workstation terminal in the Blackbox Lab instead. 

Wrench Fabrication Plan

Go down to the nuclear waste disposal area past the Machine Shop in the Hardware Labs. The Wrench Fabrication Plan is on the floor in front of the red tool cabinet. The containers of toxic waste nearby can give you radiation poisoning, so grab the plans quickly and get out of there.


Neuromod Fabrication Plan

The second Neuromod Fabrication Plan is found shortly after you receive the Psychoscope in Psychotronics. This Neuromod Fabrication Plan may actually be easier to acquire than the first one. To get this plan, simply play through the Detour story quest until Alex Morgan sends you the code to a safe in the Director’s Office. Open Hans Kelstrups’ safe to obtain this Neuromod Fabrication Plan.

Silenced Pistol Fabrication Plan

The Silenced Pistol Fabrication Plan is located inside the Armory. The Armory requires a keycode from the prisoner inside the Materials Extraction Lab. Free the prisoner to get the code to the Armory, or use Mimic to get inside. The plan is found on a nearby shelf.

Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan

While you’re in the Armory, you’ll also find another Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan right beside the Silenced Pistol Fabrication Plan on the same shelf.

Psi Hypo Fabrication Plan

Look for the corpse of dead scientist Ruby Stone outside the Live Exam Room in Psychotronics. On the body you can collect the Psi Hypo Fabrication Plan as well as some other items.

Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan

A second Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan in Prey can be obtained in the Morgue. Look for a broken turret beside the desk in the back-left corner. The plan is on top the desk. 


GLOO Cannon Fabrication Plan

Make your way to the Fuel Storage Room in the G.U.T.S. area and search the floor around the decommissioned Fabricator in the bottom area to find the GLOO Cannon Fabrication Plan. 

EMP Charge Fabrication Plan

The EMP Charge Fabrication Plan is found in Engineering Level A on the body of the late Eric Berger, located near Psychotronics.

Suit Repair Kit Fabrication Plan

Head to the Magnetosphere Control Room located in the G.U.T.S. area. Search Laurel Davis’ body to obtain the coveted Suit Repair Kit Fabrication Plan in Prey.


Disruptor Battery Fabrication Plan

Look for the body of Jenny King outside the hallway to the Talos I bulkhead, just before the stairs. Loot Jenny’s body to obtain the Disruptor Battery Fabrication Plan.

Neuromod Fabrication Plan

Another Neuromod Fabrication Plan can be found on Alex’s computer. Access the computer and download the file to obtain this plan.

Psi Hypo Fabrication Kit

Head to the Crew Quarters passage. Search the lockers until you find the plan for the Psi Hypo Fabrication Kit.

Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan

Another Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan can be found on the corpse of Lizzy Colton, near the door to Crew Quarters.

Shotgun Fabrication Kit

The Shotgun Fabrication Kit is found in the sealed, caged section on Level 2 of the Arboretum. You’ll need Leverage 2 to move the heavy object out of the way after breaking the glass. Once you enter the caged area, search beside Carin Buckley’s body for the schematics.

Crew Quarters 

Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan (2)

There are two Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plans found in the Crew Quarters. One plan is located in DeVries’ cabin on top the bed. The other can be found within the medbay, but you’ll need Leverage 2 to move the heavy containers first.

Recycler Charge Fabrication Plan

Locate Dr. Thorstein’s Quarters and take down the Phantom. Search the body for the cabin key, and use it to access his room. The Recycler Charge Fabrication Plan is inside.

Medkit Fabrication Plan

Go to the Crew Quarters Mail Room that contains Lia Macy’s corpse. Search behind the Concierge desk to find another Medkit Fabrication Plan.

Boltcaster Ammunition Fabrication Plan

Locate Abigail Foy’s workstation terminal in the Crew Quarters. Access her computer to download the Boltcaster Ammunition Fabrication Plan from her terminal.

Weapon Kit Fabrication Plan

The Weapon Kit Fabrication Plan can be downloaded from Sarah Elazar’s terminal in the Crew Quarters. However, you’ll need the Hack 2 ability to access her computer.

Psi Hypo Fabrication Plan

Locate Hans Kelstrup’s cabin in the Crew Quarters. Here, you can find another Psi Hypo Fabrication Plan atop the desk.

Neuromod Fabrication Plan

Head over to the Executive Suites and enter Morgan Yu’s cabin. There’s a Neuromod Fabrication Plan on the desk beside the chipset.

Deep Storage 

Q-Beam Cell Fabrication Plan

Upon completing the Deep Echoes quest, you will gain access to Deep Storage.

Enter Danielle Sho’s office in the Data Vaults and look for a yellow note stuck on the back of her workstation monitor. The Q-Beam Cells Fabrication Plan is inside a safe in the corner on the opposite side of the room. Use the code 6918 from the note to open the safe and obtain the plans. 

If we discover any more Fabrication Plans during our time in Prey, we will update this guide accordingly.


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