Changes Planned for Suppression and Destruction in Battlefield 1

Find out how suppression and destruction will improve in Battlefield 1.

DICE is continuing their efforts with the Battlefield Roots Initiative by gathering feedback from players about changes they’d like to see for various in-game mechanics. After collecting feedback regarding player and vehicle movement in Battlefield 1, DICE is now moving on to gather community input on the game’s suppression and destruction mechanics. 

Last week, Battlefield 1 players gave their feedback on suppression and destruction mechanics on the Community Test Environment (CTE) subreddit. DICE has since created a subreddit thread with details on the most requested changes for these core game mechanics in Battlefield 1. 

These changes and improvements are based on feedback from the CTE as well as the forums and have been prioritized by the developers. The improvement suggestions for Battlefield 1's suppression and destruction mechanics are outlined below. 


  • Represent the deviation visually depending on how hard the player is suppressed (high weapon sway instead of spread) and allow the players to compensate for the deviation created by suppression.
  • Suppression connected to location, and not the enemy player.
  • Must be a tactical choice, not something that just “happens” unintentionally.
  • Should not be rewarding players who unintentionally miss.
  • Add feedback when suppressing someone.
  • Better feedback from the first person point of view when getting suppressed.



Plane destruction animation fix. This will address the current graphical issue where destroyed planes look as if their “ghost was left behind” on the battlefield. 

Impact of Destruction on Maps 

  • Lack of cover between objectives in most of the maps.
  • Destruction tends to deteriorate the gameplay experience after some time, since most covers can be easily destroyed.

Destruction Quality 

  • Needs better collision fidelity on destroyed elements.
  • Collapsing walls and other elements sometimes do not make any sounds.

All of these changes will be implemented in the Battlefield 1 CTE before hitting the live servers. The most recent focus for the Battlefield Roots Initiative was towards soldier and vehicle movement, as well as weapon and melee mechanics.

The next phase of the Roots Initiative will focus on game mode mechanics, which includes win conditions, scoring, and more. To learn more about the Battlefield Roots Initiative and to participate in the CTE, head over to this introductory thread on the Battlefield Live subreddit.

Other changes will be coming to Battlefield 1 in the form of new DLC as well. Check out what the new Nivelle Nights map will look like in Battlefield 1's upcoming Prise de Tahure DLC, which does not yet have a release date.


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