Tank Gawd It's Friday - What Makes You a Good World of Tanks Player?

Is it skill, luck, or something more? Tell us what makes you a good player in World of Tanks.

Welcome to Tank Gawd It’s Friday, a series where the Tank War Room staff answers a question about World of Tanks each Friday to prepare for the weekend ahead. Our favorite part of this series is the fact that we can hear your opinions as well. We’ll offer our answers first, but we also hope to see your responses to the weekly question in the comment section below.

We’ll also be looking through your comments on this article and choosing our favorite, giving the winner an M4 Improved bundle code for World of Tanks. Along with the M4 Improved itself, the package also includes Gold, Premium Time, a Garage Slot, and a couple XP boosters to round it out.

Note: The contest is open to North America PC players only, and your response must be on the article itself, not Facebook or Twitter.

Question: What makes you a good World of Tanks player?

Sam Chandler:

Let’s get this out of the way at the very start, I do not think I am a “good” World of Tanks player. I wouldn’t call myself unicum and I certainly wouldn’t suggest I’m better than other people. In saying that, I believe I perform well, and have a moderately respectable winrate.

I think my success comes to really trying to understand and play to my tank’s strengths. We’ve talked a lot about the best tanks to use in a hull down position, as well as guides on the best USSR tank lines. All of these have tips on how to play a given tank.

When in a slow Light tank with good view range, there’s no way I’m charging head first into the enemy lines. Instead, I’m taking my time, finding a good spot and sitting patiently. The opposite of this is when I’m playing a Heavy tank, I know I should be revealing only my strong hull or supporting my teammates where possible.

I think the main thing that makes me a somewhat decent World of Tanks player is that I try and pay attention to what’s happening, what I’m playing, and where I might be needed. But there’s always room to improve at World of Tanks.

Bill Lavoy:

Good player might be a stretch for me, but I think I’m good in certain situations. Actually, no, I’ll say I’m a good player, even though my statistics don’t back it up. Hear me out.

There’s a difference between good and skilled I think. A skilled player wins a lot and their stats are great. A good player could be thought of as someone who brings positivity to the game, and I think I do that.

For starters, I’m always trying to improve, learning new concepts, and gaining knowledge about the game and the tanks in it. When I play a Heavy tank on a map that I haven’t played that tank type on before, I ask what routes Heavy tanks take. If I’m trying a new tank for the first time, I try to learn its strengths and weaknesses. When I get knocked out early, I rarely leave the game, instead trying to observe more skilled players and see what they do in certain situations. What makes me good is that I’m a student of the game, intent on playing it the right way and bringing something positive to it.

In my mind, that makes me a good player, although I could certainly use an injection of skill.

Larryn Bell: 

Even though I've moved away from being a tomato in World of Tanks, I'm still not sure I would consider myself a "good" player overall. I am becoming more technically knowledgable about various game mechanics such as side-scraping and angling, but I still get my tank into tough situations due to poor positioning or map knowledge. 

I think what makes me good at World of Tanks is having both technical knowledge and mechanical skill while playing. The more I learn about World of Tanks, the better I get. If I happen to be in the right position, I can usually hold my own for a bit from there, at least in the tanks I'm comfortable with. Part of that has to do with understanding how my tank stacks up against other tanks. For example, when I know I can't penetrate a certain tank from my position, I no longer waste a ton of shells trying to do so. I'm much more aware of the map now than I was at the start, which has helped me learn how to respond to certain scenarios and prioritize new objectives.

I also ask a lot of questions and try to learn from experienced players. I then attempt to apply that new knowledge each time I play. It doesn't always work out, but it has certainly helped me improve over time. 

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