Easy Ammo Rack Targets in World of Tanks

These tanks make for easy ammo rack kills in World of Tanks.

Ammo racking a tank is one of the most satisfying ways to destroy an opponent in World of Tanks. When shot with a strong enough gun, the ammo rack can explode, causing a tank to lose its hatch and be consumed in a fiery explosion.

This guide will explain where to shoot a tank to hit the ammo rack, as well as which tanks are particularly vulnerable to ammo-racking for those who need to ammo-rack an opponent for a mission or who simply just want to make a tank go boom. 

Ammo Rack Hit Zones

There are several spots inside a tank where ammunition can be stored, and these ammo storage compartments will vary between tanks of different nations. Tanks within the same nation tend to have similar tank anatomy, so keep this in mind when trying to remember where to ammo-rack a tank. 

Nice ammo-rack, SpaceGK!

Websites like WOTInfo.net offer images that break down the different module locations on each tank. This reveals the tank's weak spots by indicating where to shoot to knock out certain modules or crew. The white sections represent the ammo storage area on a tank.

In general, there are two main sections on a tank that you should aim for if you want to hit the ammo supply: 

  • On the back/rear sides of the turret, or at the base of the turret where it meets the hull.
  • Through the front of the hull on the left or right, just beyond the front drive wheel. 

Ammo-racking a tank also requires the use of a powerful gun. Howitzers or derp guns work well, especially due to the explosive power of HE shells, but higher-caliber guns will usually work against tanks that are susceptible to ammo-racking. 

Turret Ammo Racks 

One hard shot to the rear turret area on the T34 can result in a flying hatch.

To ammo-rack a Hellcat, drop an HE round or powerful shot on the top, back, or base of the turret.

Images: WOTInfo.net

Ammo-racking is typically easier to achieve on tanks that have ammo stored inside the rear part of their turret. The rear turret armor tends to be thinner on most tanks than their front or side turret armor, making it easier to penetrate the turret to hit the ammunition. 

Aim for the turret base or rear sides of the turret on any of these tanks to destroy their ammo rack:

  • M18 Hellcat
  • T34
  • IS-3
  • KV-2
  • KV-4 
  • Type 59

Some examples include the Chinese Type 59 or the American T34. A powerful shot to the turret ring of thinly-armored Tank Destroyers like the M18 Hellcat and T67 make them prime targets for ammo-racking. An HE round can easily detonate their ammo supply and cause an ammo rack explosion. 

Russian Heavy tanks such as the IS-3 and the KV-4 are also easy targets for ammo-racking in World of Tanks when their rear turret is hit. The IS-3 in particular has an ammo rack that is not only contained in the turret but also down into the hull, giving opponents an even bigger zone to target for ammo-racking. The German E-75 has a similar setup as well. 

Frontal Hull Ammo Racks 

Penetrate the front-right side of the IS-6's pike nose (the tank's left side) to destroy its hull ammo rack.

When not stored in the turret, a tank will have their ammunition located within the hull. Some tanks with hull ammo racks will have them more towards the front on either the left or right side, causing them to be at much greater risk of ammo-racking. 

Tanks whose ammo supply can be shot at through the frontal hull are particularly good targets for ammo-racking, as their ammo can be destroyed much easier than a tank whose ammo rack is stored further back into the hull behind additional armor.

Shoot through the frontal hull near the outer edges to destroy the ammo racks on these tanks:

  • Centurion Mk. 1
  • Conqueror
  • Caernarvon
  • M41 Walker Bulldog
  • E-75
  • T110E5
  • Soviet IS-series Tanks 
Shoot the lower glacis plate on the front-right side on the Centurion to hit its ammo rack.
The IS-3 is one of the easiest tanks to ammo rack in World of Tanks.

British tanks such as the Centurion Mk. 1, the Caernarvon, and the Conqueror each have hull ammo racks that can be shot at through the lower glacis plate on the front of their hull. Their ammo is stored on the tank’s left side, so you would have to shoot toward the right edge of the lower front plate to target their ammunition.

You can hit the ammo rack on Soviet IS tanks by penetrating the right pike-nose area on the front of these tanks, provided you’ve got a strong enough gun. The IS-3 is the most vulnerable to ammo-racking in general, but this concept can still be applied to other Soviet heavies like the IS-6 and IS-7 as well. 

Preventing Ammo Rack Damage

Players who use tanks that are prone to ammo rack explosions can decrease their chances of being ammo-racked by mounting the Wet Ammo Rack equipment, which increases the tank’s ammo rack hit points by 50%. The Safe Stowage perk also allows the Loader to store rounds more safely so that the ammunition does not come into contact with one another, improving the ammo rack durability by 12.5%. The durability is also cumulative with the Wet Ammo Rack equipment, so it’s best to use both of these together on tanks that are easy ammo rack targets.   

While many tanks can have their ammo supply destroyed, the tanks mentioned here are among the easiest ammo rack targets. Keep an eye out for these tanks when you’re looking to secure an ammo rack explosion in World of Tanks.

Credit to Kamilus for the header screenshot.


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