Wargaming Celebrates Aquino Tank Weekend With Special Contest

Spot your favorite World of Tanks personalities and you could win.

This upcoming weekend (May 27-28) will play host to the annual Aquino military show, a special two-day event held in Ontario, Canada that features live tank demonstrations, tank rides, military reenactments, and more. If you’re a World of Tanks player and you happen to be attending Aquino this year, you could win some nifty prizes if you happen to cross paths with some familiar World of Tanks faces.

As part of the aptly titled “Where is WoT?” contest, Wargaming personalities MeatheadMilitia, The_Chieftan, and Quemapueblos will be attending the Aquino event and wandering around the grounds of the event. If you spot one of them, all you have to do is snap a photo with them and then tweet the pic to the official @worldoftanks Twitter account using the hashtag #WhereisWoT to earn yourself a goodie bag that contains codes for five Crew XP boosters (100 percent for two hours) and three Repair Kits.

Getting a goodie back also automatically enters you for a chance to win an additional prize... a code that can be redeemed for a Ram II Premium Tank. Wargaming says that the amount of Ram II codes it gives out will be measured by the amount of people who enter the contest, so be sure to seek out the above Wargaming folks if you want to win. You can visit this post to find out what the Wargaming personalities look like, and you can visit this post to find out more about the Aquino event.     




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