7 Best Active Scout Tanks in World of Tanks

These active scouts will have you spotting enemies while you zoom around the map.

Active scouting is one of the more enjoyable playstyles in World of Tanks. It requires fast moving tanks that can turn on a dime and are also able to spot enemies from a distance. While we’ve discussed some of the best passive scouts in World of Tanks, it’s important to look at the other side of the cointhe active scouts.

With the recent changes to Matchmaking, the dust has yet to settle, so scouting can be a bit tricky at times. However, it’s still a viable strategy that can be worth pursuing if you want to have some fun.

Active scouts never stop moving. Because of this, the two most important factors are speed and view range, with camouflage values considered equally as important. Any equipment that can be used to help with this should be purchased, especially if you plan to use a given tank for a while. First thing’s first, make sure you know how to scout in World of Tanks before you dive into any active scouting.

Not all active scouts are listed below, though they are some of the best. If you think we’ve missed one that absolutely belongs on this list, let us know and we might just add it and give you a shout out!


The Luchs is a precious little Light tank capable of performing as an active scout.

Starting off at Tier 4, one of the most difficult tiers to play after Tier 3, is the Pz.Kpfw. II Luchs, or Luchs for short. This German Light tank is one of the best active scout tanks in the lower tiers as it's able to evade, return fire, and spot enemies all while maintaining high speeds.

The Luchs is a squat, tiny tank that's an excellent introduction to the philosophy of active scouting. Reaching a top speed of 60 km/h, its ideal use is skirting ridges and quickly getting into a spot early game where an opponent’s opening gambit is revealed.

Once through the stock modules, the Luchs opens up, offering good camouflage and a view range that can easily reveal enemy locations. Even its 3 cm top gun offers 95 mm of penetration, giving it the ability to shred most at-tier tanks and damage high tiers.

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