Tornado Energy Wins World of Tanks 2017 Grand Finals

A decisive victory against DiNG secured Tornado Energy’s top spot.

Last weekend played host to the climactic Grand Finals for this year’s World of Tanks pro league, and after a series of tense showdowns between the top four teams, Tornado Energy emerged victorious in the final match against its opponent, DiNG.

Here’s a recap of what went down during both the final four-team group stage and the eventual grand finals match between Tornado Energy and DiNG courtesy of a press release from Wargaming:

“The road to the final was anything but pedestrian. The group stage crossed four teams out of the running: Team Efficiency, eClipse, Brain Storm and YaTo Gaming. The quarter-finals started with an incredible and memorable head-to-head showdown between Elevate and El Gaming. Elevate triumphed 7:6, qualifying for the semi-finals and changing the perception of North American teams. Old rivalries collided in front of thousands of fans as Tornado Energy (formerly HellRaisers) and Na’Vi.G2A locked horned with Tornado destroying the 2016 champs 7:3. Kazna Kru took an early lead in a match against Not So Serious (NSS), who quickly brought it to a tie and then turned play around, winning 7:2.”

The final standings and associated prize pools for all of the winning teams are as follows:

·         1st Place. TORNADO ENERGY—$150,000

·         2nd Place. DiNG—$75,000

·         3rd, 4th Place. Not So Serious and Elevate—$27,500 each

·         5th–8th Place. El Gaming, Kazna Kru, OOPS – TTG and Na’Vi.G2A—$5,000 each

Wargaming also provided a video recap of the Grand Finals which you can watch below.

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