Zombie Gunship Survival Tips

These tips will help you fend off the zombie hordes in Zombie Gunship Survival.

Following a few simple tips and tricks can go a long way in Zombie Gunship Survival. We’ve put together this list of Zombie Gunship Survival tips to help players improve their chances for survival in this popular new mobile title. These tips include how to fuse weapons, loot buildings, and keep your base safe from zombie attacks. 

Upgrade the Base 

Zombie Gunship Survival isn’t all about mowing down zombies with powerful guns (though that’s definitely the fun part). Upgrading your base is equally important when it comes to survival. Zombies will attack your base every few hours, and it’s up to you to fend off the undead hordes to protect your facilities. 

The base mainly consists of the Headquarters, the Armory, the Hangar, and the Metal and Supply Storage buildings. To prevent zombies from reaching your Headquarters and Hangar, you must upgrade your base’s defenses using Supplies. Upgrades include building walls, mortar towers, and other defensive structures that will help protect against zombie attacks. Upgrade your Headquarters early so that you can begin unlocking more buildings. Be sure to repair all buildings as often as possible to improve your base defenses.

Other than the Hangar and Headquarters, you can move buildings around and reorganize your base to protect these core facilities. To move a building, simply tap and hold the building until it becomes moveable.  Note that hazardous wastes and zombie-infested oaks cannot be moved. Keep an eye on the zombie spawn nodes, as these indicate the directions that the zombies will come from. Build barricades and towers along zombie path to hinder their advances. 

Scrap, Boost, and Fuse Weapons

Using powerful weapons will help you mow down zombies quickly while protecting your base and allies on the ground. Players can boost and fuse weapons in Zombie Gunship Survival to improve their traits and make them more powerful. Unwanted weapons can also be scrapped for additional resources.

Boosting a gunship or soldier weapon requires the use of Metals and Screws, which can be obtained by completing missions and objectives. Check out our full guide on how to boost and fuse weapons in Zombie Gunship Survival to learn how to reach max level and earn more stars on your best weapons. 

Complete Missions & Objectives

In order to earn the resources needed for weapon and base upgrades, players must complete missions and objectives in Zombie Gunship Survival. There are daily missions as well as standard objectives that can be completed to help you earn additional XP and resources.

Keep in mind that objective rewards are not issued automatically, meaning you must manually check the objectives tab upon completion to collect your rewards. Make it a habit to check your objectives regularly to ensure you're receiving your completion rewards.

Scavenge for Resources

Place soldiers near objectives and protect them from your gunship to help them loot valuable resources.

After defending your base from hordes of zombies, be sure to get some scavenging done as well. In scavenging mode, the goal is to have your soldiers loot multiple buildings within a given time frame to collect additional resources. While allied troops loot the buildings on the ground, your job is to provide cover support using the gunship. Equip your soldiers with weapons that have loot bonuses applied so that they loot buildings and collect resources faster.

At the start of a mission, players can choose where to drop their soldiers into the map below. Make sure to provide cover fire for your ground troops to keep them safe from zombies and allow them to move between buildings quickly. Proper cover fire from the gunship will ensure that your soldiers won’t have to waste time dealing with zombies while looting, giving them enough time to gather important resources within the time limit. 

Open Crates

Crates are earned by completing various actions in Zombie Gunship Survival. Crates are the best way to unlock new weapons for your soldiers and gunship. Crate space is limited, meaning you can only have so many Crates stored at a time. Make sure to unlock Crates regularly so that you can continue to earn more while you play.

Crates are earned by completing simple tasks like watching a video advertisement or completing a battle objective. Crates can also be purchased using currency, but since Crates are earned so easily, you likely won’t need this option.

These basic tips should help you become a better player and improve your survival odds in Zombie Gunship Survival. As long as you do everything you can to defend your base and protect your soldiers in Zombie Gunship Survival, you should be well on your way to reaching max level. 


Larryn is a full-time editor who has written guides and editorial features for various gaming websites. She is obsessed with Witcher 3 and is known to put hot sauce on everything.


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