DOOM collectibles guide: finding all 26 Doomguys

Your comprehensive guide to recovering all your Funko Pop dolls.

If you're picking up DOOM on the Switch today (what an incredible world we live in) then you may be looking forward to discovering all the secrets and hidden bits now traditional in the series.

To help you out if you get stuck, we've got a run down on where all 26 of the little Doomguy figurines you can find are, which unlock models for you to view in the menu – not the greatest reward, but it's nice to appreciate all that effort the animators went to.

DOOM's Doomguy locations (of Doom)

First up, an itemised list of who's where, and what they unlock, if you're figuring out where to go to complete the collection. Suppose we should add that there are SPOILERS for level names here, but they don't give a great deal about the plot away. Each level contains 2 Doom Dudes so if you only found one, guess what? But if you need a quick reference, here you are:

The UAC Doomguys

  • Blue Guy - Combat Shotgun Model
  • Classic Guy - Imp Model

Resource Operations Doomguys

  • Doomguy - Doom Marine Model
  • Bronze Guy - Heavy Assault Rifle Model

Foundry Doomguys

  • Vault Guy - Posessed Engineer Model
  • Prototype Guy - Plasma Rifle Model

Argent Facility Doomguys

  • UAC Guy - Hell Knight Model
  • Stealth Guy - Rocket Launcher Model

Argent Enegy Tower Doomguys

  • Orange Guy - UAC Pistol Model
  • Purple Guy - Summoner Model

Kadingir Sanctum Doomguys

  • Astroguy - Revenant Model
  • Redguy - Mancubus Model

Destroyed Argent Facility Doomguys

  • Rageguy - Cacodemon Model
  • Patriotguy - Baron of Hell Model

Advanced Research Complex Doomguys

  • Phobosguy - Super Shotgun Model
  • Pinkguy - Pinky Model

Lazarus Labs Doomguys

  • Eliteguy - Olivia Pierce Model
  • Toxicguy - Samuel Hayden Model

Titan's Realm Doomguys

  • Keenguy - BFG-9000 model
  • Silverguy - Cyberdemon Model

The Necropolis Doomguys

  • Tealguy - Chainsaw Model
  • Hazmatguy - Gauss Cannon Model

Vega Central Processing Doomguys

  • Quakeguy - Hell Guard Model
  • Jungleguy - Cyber-Mancubus Model

Argent D'Nur Doomguys

  • Cosmoguy - Chaingun Model
  • Goldguy - Spider Mastermind Model

Doomguy location guide

Now you know where to go for your lost Funko Pop dolls, here's exactly where to find them in each level with a little bit of help on how to get there.

Blue Guy location

There's a ledge with a green lamp right about here. If you crawl on top of a crate nearby you can hop up onto it, and that's your easy starter.

Classic Guy

This little guy is on the edge of a cliff that you can get to through this small cave walkway

Doomguy location

The original and best can be found by climbing the tower in Resource Operations. There's a tiny nook in the side of the tower with some bloody finger prints about. Naturally.

Bronze Guy location

To get the Bronze Guy, jump up on the crates the red Elite Guard is leaning against (after you snatch his SD card) and climb into the entryway directly above on the second floor. Bronze Guy is just inside, under some pipes.

Vault Guy location

The Vault Guy figure is hidden away under the floor, in a small alcove near lava.

Prototype Guy location

The Prototype figure is chilling out in the box without a lid on an assembly line right here.

UAC Guy location

This figure is located high up in the rafters and will require a fair amount of platforming to reach, just look up when you get to this location and you'll spot the jumps you need to make.

Stealth Guy location

Stealth Guy is in one of the top rooms hovering over the map, and will require walking along ventilation piping to reach.

Orange Guy location

For this figure, you'll need to jump from ledge to ledge and climb your way up to the top of the energy tower, following the transport vehicles as they move. The figure is on a ledge below the highest point so just jump on over.

Purple Guy location

Our Purple friend is chilling out on a support beam beneath the walkway at this point of the Argent Tower, just carefully drop down and fetch him.

Astroguy location

Find Astroguy back behind the level, hidden on a side pathway.

Redguy location

The Redguy is located on the top of a rocky tableau barely out of reach above the main path. To reach it, climb to a higher point and jump down.

Rageguy location

This figure is in a small side room just slightly off the main walkway.

Patriotguy location

This figure is inside of a small room to the side, accessible by climbing up crates and looking to the left.

Phobosguy location 

The Phobosguy is hidden back behind a large pipe on the side of the level if you head to this spot you'll be able to see him.

Pink Guy location

Pink Guy is tucked away within the ventilation pipes on the map.

Eliteguy location

The Eliteguy is hiding in a small back room filled with monitors here on the map.

Toxicguy location

The Toxicguy is hidden inside a wall panel, which is unlocked by pressing the red button on its front. Walk up to it, and a button prompt will appear, causing a wall to emerge with the Toxicguy floating inside.

Keenguy location

Keenguy is fairly easy to find, since he's stowed away inside the wall at the end of the level's walkway.

Silverguy location

To reach Silverguy, use the yellow jump pad to launch yourself, then work your way up to the second level. The figure is tucked away inside a cave just across from the large armor pickup.

Tealguy location

This figure is located on a smaller, lighter panel beneath the others you'll have to cross to cross the chasm to the other side. Look down when making your jumps to find it.

Hazmatguy location

To get the Hazmatguy figure to drop, fire rockets at the red symbol on the "forehead" of the massive demon sculture. Watch as it floats gracefully down a few feet away, then claim your prize.

Quakeguy location

Find this by entering a large building via the green-lit doorway about here on the map. The figure is at the end of the entrance hallway, just before the opening into a larger room.

Jungleguy location

This figure is located on the pipes beneath the ramparts of the facility. Drop a long way to reach him.

Cosmoguy location

There is a break in the stairs going inside. Through that break, the Doomguy figure is visible in a tiny room.

Goldguy location

This li'l guy gets gifted to you once you beat that final boss, so no need to go searching.


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