World of Tanks Update 9.19 Is Now Live

The update adds in ranked battles, interface improvements, and more. has announced that World of Tanks’ 9.19 update is being rolled out onto live servers, bringing with it a number of new features and tweaks.

The highlights of update 9.19 are as follows:

  • A final Ranked Battles beta which will launch shortly after update 9.19 and allow players to try the new mode out one last time before its full launch. Ranked Battles are 15v15 tier X battles which allow players to earn a new currency called Bonds and redeem them for unique prizes.
  • Improved Equipment which includes a brand new equipment type called Directives. These enhanced equipment types can be purchased with Bonds earned in Ranked Battles and provide a larger bonus than standard equipment.
  • Interface Improvements that include a streamlined UI, a new missions tab that lists all battle missions for your currently owned vehicles, and a ‘Specials’ tab for the Armory that lists all currently ongoing special offers.
  • Minor enhancements such as new female voiceover options and a tweak that allows players to more easily benefit from the Sisterhood of Steel and Brothers in Arms perks.

You can read a full rundown of update 9.19’s new features here. You can also watch a video preview for the update below.

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