Top 9 Video Game Releases To Watch For In June

If these games aren’t already on your radar, they should be.

June tends to be an exciting month for gamers, not only because it plays host to the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3 as you might know it), but also because it’s usually when the summer schedule of new game releases gets into full swing. Case and point, the below nine new game releases, all of which are scheduled to arrive during the month of June. Sure, summer may be the time for backyard barbeques and visits to the beach, but if the sun and bugs ever become a little too much for you, you’ll have a lot of new games to look forward to once you’re safely inside.

Tekken 7 – June 2

The seventh numbered title in the long-running Tekken fighting game franchise promises to wrap up the Mishima clan storyline, which has gone on ever since the very first Tekken game. If anything, Tekken 7’s new gameplay mechanics and roster additions (the latter of which includes Street Fighter’s Akuma) should make it into one of the most compelling entries in the series yet.



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