Top Battlefield Plays of the Week - #1

Watch a plane get wiped out with a grenade in this week's Top Battlefield Plays of the Week. 

Welcome to our Top Battlefield Plays of the Week series, where we showcase several amazing Battlefield clips for you to enjoy. Much like our World of Tanks GIFs of the Week series, most of these Battlefield clips will be in the form of GIFs or short videos that area quick and easy to digest. 

This series will mainly include plays from Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4, but any Battlefield clip is welcome as long as it’s one of the best we’ve seen all week. Since these clips mostly come from the Battlefield subreddits, they will be tagged accordingly with the original post. 

It was tough to narrow down the list, as there were so many awesome Battlefield GIFs and videos posted to Reddit this week. Our goal is to entertain you with some epic moments and impressive plays in Battlefield, so hopefully these clips will do just that. Now without further ado, let’s check out the top Battlefield plays of the week! 

The Counter Strike

Posted by: gottabefaster

Our first Battlefield play is a Battlefield 1 GIF posted to the subreddit by gottabefaster, who is in the clip as AdamGluck. In this clip, we see what a perfectly timed melee counter looks like when executed correctly.

As their opponent moves in with a bayonet charge, AdamGluck quickly counters the attack, knocking off the opponent’s helmet and securing the kill. It all happens so fast, but luckily the clip was slowed down to show every detail of this satisfying (and rage-inducing) counter.


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