Stranger Things: The Game – all 40 heart pieces guide

Where to find, and how to get, all heart pieces in the game.

Still trying to finish up Stranger Things: The Game? Even if you've already binged your way through the second season at halloween, there are still 40 heart pieces waiting in Hawkins for you to find. Every four ups your health, and with the nasties of the upside down out to get you, you'll need all 40 of them. Here's where to find them all:

Stranger Things: The Game heart piece location guide

  • Heart Piece 1: head inside Hawkins Lab with Nancy (you can only get this Heart Piece with Nancy in your party).
  • Heart Piece 2: you’ll need to destroy all five surveillance cameras in Hawkins Lab.
  • Heart Piece 3: head to Hopper’s Home (the Heart Piece can be found inside).
  • Heart Piece 4: head into the Forest, then have Dustin use pudding to move the bear.
  • Heart Piece 5: head left from Castle Byers into a small forest (left of Joyce’s Home) to find it.
  • Heart Piece 6: all you need to do is give Powell his handcuffs.
  • Heart Piece 7: you’ll need to explore the Corn Maze.
  • Heart Piece 8: locate Mr. Clarke and give him the Science Textbook.
  • Heart Piece 9: head to the Librarian’s House then jump over a ramp (you’ll find the Heart Piece above the Librarian’s House).
  • Heart Piece 10: explore the Bunker Pipe Maze.
  • Heart Piece 11: explore the Sewers.
  • Heart Piece 12: you’ll need to pop all of the balloons found in the Sewers.
  • Heart Piece 13: head into the Forest Maze with Will (you’ll need Will in order to get this Heart Piece).
  • Heart Piece 14: all you need to do is break every fire alarm in Hawkins Middle School.
  • Heart Piece 15: head into the Forest Maze and break all of the owl and bird houses.
  • Heart Piece 16: head into Hawkins Library and collect all of the overdue books, then open the chest found at the front of Hawkins Library.
  • Heart Piece 17: simply smash all five alien jars inside Hawkins Bunker (note this opportunity will present itself in Chapter 6 of Stranger Things: The Game).
  • Heart Piece 18: you’ll need to give the Robot Toy to the Bradley’s Store Clerk.
  • Heart Piece 19: explore the Quarry.
  • Heart Piece 20: simply return the Pocket Knife to Tommy.
  • Heart Piece 21: give a Bottle of Pop to Tommy.
  • Heart Piece 22: find Carol and give her the bottle of Hairspray.
  • Heart Piece 23: give the tube of Lipstick to Carol.
  • Heart Piece 24: find Joyce and give her the Keys.
  • Heart Piece 25: give the Phone to Joyce.
  • Heart Piece 26: give Jonathan the Blank Cassette.
  • Heart Piece 27: give the Game Cartridge to the Bradley’s Store Clerk.
  • Heart Piece 28: find Mrs. Wheeler and give her the Milk Carton.
  • Heart Piece 29: give the Pumpkin to Mrs. Wheeler.
  • Heart Piece 30: find Flo in the Police Station and give her the Romance Novel.
  • Heart Piece 31: give the Rubber Skeleton to Flo in the Police Station.
  • Heart Piece 32: give the Police Badge to Callahan in the Police Station.
  • Heart Piece 33: find Melvald and give him the Ledger.
  • Heart Piece 34: select Will before talking to Jennifer.
  • Heart Piece 35: use the ramp to venture above Hopper’s Home (where you’ll find the Heart PIece).
  • Heart Piece 36: give Salt to the Hunting Store Clerk.
  • Heart Piece 37: explore the Mini Sewers Dungeon (near Jennifer).
  • Heart Piece 38: head to the southeast corner of the Garbage Dump, then follow a path down to a bike ramp and use the bike ramp to reach an island. On the island, Heart Piece #38 can be found by opening the green chest.
  • Heart Piece 39: explore the house near the Librarian and Florist.
  • Heart Piece 40: find Steve and give him the Movie Tickets.

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