Top World of Tanks GIFs of the Week - Week 17

This week features clips from both MeatheadMilitia and Trobsmonkey!

Greetings, tankers! It’s time for another Top World of Tanks GIFs of the Week. If you’re new to our site, this series is where we curate several of our favorite GIFs and clips from World of Tanks subreddit posted during the week and compile them here for you to enjoy. 

If you’ve got a clip that’s particularly GIF-worthy, feel free to send it our way. If we like it, we may use it in our series in the future. Simply upload your gameplay clip to Gfycat to create a GIF, then send us the link via Facebook or Twitter. 

Now, let’s get into the top World of Tanks GIFs from this week!

Not So Fast!

We’re kicking off this week’s Top World of Tanks GIFs with a clip posted by Eqilo on Reddit, who is also the player featured in the GIF.

In this GIF, two T49 tankers go head-to-head on Kharkov. Eqilo comes to the aid of an allied Ru 251, who is moments away from being rammed by an enemy T49. Eqilo fires an HE shell at the rear of the incoming T49, damaging and destroying the enemy tank just before they could impact the vulnerable Ru 251. That was close!


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