Magikarp Jump - All Friendship Items and Support Pokemon

Here's what you need to buy Friendship Items and unlock each Support Pokemon in Magikarp Jump.

In Magikarp Jump, players can befriend various Support Pokémon to gain performance boosts during battle. Support Pokémon are obtained by completing specific Leagues or by using Friendship items, which cost Diamonds. This guide explains the Friendship items or Leagues required for unlocking each Support Pokémon in Magikarp Jump, along with the skill that each Support Pokémon provides for your trainer or Magikarp.

Support Pokemon offer stat boosts and bonuses for your Trainer and Magikarp in Magikarp Jump.

How to Get Support Pokémon

To get a Support Pokémon in Magikarp Jump, you must either use a specific Friendship Item, or complete various Leagues throughout the game. There are four Support Pokémon that can be obtained through League Battles, while the rest are unlocked with Friendship Items. Go to the Diamond Shop and look under Friendship Items to purchase new Support Pokémon or view the ones you own. The Friendship Items, and thus the Support Pokémon, are purchased using Diamonds

The table below lists each Support Pokémon available in Magikarp Jump, as well as their Friendship Item and unlock requirement. We’ve listed the Support Pokémon starting with the ones unlocked through League Play, followed by the Support Pokémon with the least expensive Diamond cost. 


Friendship Item


Recharge Time

Unlock Requirement


Mystic Water

Restores 1 Training

1 Hour 30 Mins

Beat the Quick League


Light Ball

Increases Jump Power

1 Hour 30 Mins

Beat the Friend League


Amulet Coin

Gives bonus coins

2 Hours 30 Mins

Beat the Great League


Miracle Seed

Restores League Energy

4 Hours

Beat the Luxury League


Flame Plate

Increases Jump Power

3 Hours 30 Mins

250 Diamonds


Damp Rock

Restores a Support Ability

12 Hours

350 Diamonds


Meadow Plate

Earn more money

4 Hours

450 Diamonds


Shell Bell

Increases Jump Power

5 Hours

500 Diamonds


Splash Plate

Makes Treasure appear

7 Hours

500 Diamonds



Receive 10 Food

50 Minutes

500 Diamonds



Offers gifts: Training Soda, Power Up, LP Restore, Skill Restore, Purse of Coins, Sack of Coins

12 Hours

600 Diamonds


Black Sludge

Increase JP gain by 50% for 1 Minute

14 Hours

600 Diamonds

How to Use a Support Pokémon

Once you apply your Support Pokémon’s bonus, you must wait a period of time before applying the bonus again. Support Pokémon recharge times range from less than one hour, up to 12 hours. While outside of battle, swim to the top of your home pond to receive the support bonus from your Support Pokémon. 

You can increase the level of some Support Pokémon by using Candy. Support Pokémon with a higher star ranking will give an enhanced bonus during battles. Rank up your Support Pokémon within the Friendship Item list of the Diamond Shop. 

There are other Pokémon in Magikarp Jump that are not Support Pokémon, but that still can be obtained through certain random events, such as Gyarados and Dratini. Now that you know how to each Friendship Item required to unlock Support Pokémon in Magikarp Jump, you’ll be able to level up your Magikarp in no time. 

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