Highest Alpha Damage Medium Tanks

Devastate your enemies with these heavy-hitting Medium tanks.

Sometimes all you want from your tank is raw damage output, and that’s when a vehicle’s alpha damage comes into play. Alpha damage is the total amount of damage a shell can do before calculating other stats like armor values or bonus damage like ammo racking an enemy.

Below are some of the best Medium tanks that offer the highest alpha damage values in World of Tanks. These armored vehicles will help you decimate your enemies with their sheer firepower.

Highest Alpha Damage Mediums - Tier 6

The Skoda T 40 introduces Tier 6 players to a Medium tank with one of the highest alpha damage values of its tier.

After making it out of tiers 3-5, you’ll be facing opponents with more armor and health as a Tier 6 Medium. Below are some of the Tier 6 Medium tanks with the highest alpha damage.

Škoda T 40

The first cab off the rank is the Premium tank from the Czechoslovakian nation, the Škoda T 40. Available for purchase from the Premium store, the Škoda T 40 is known for its excellent DPM, which is thanks to its fast rate of fire and excellent alpha damage. Each shell fired offers 220 damage with 145 mm of penetration, allowing you to penetrate even the thickest of enemy armor.

VK 30.01 (P)

The German nation offers some of the best tank lines in World of Tanks, and the VK 30.01 (P) boasts some of the best alpha damage available at Tier 6. The 8,8cm Kw.K. 36 L/56 boasts similar stats to the Skoda T: 220 damage with 145 mm of penetration or you can go for the 10,5 cm with 350 alpha but a measly 64 mm of penetration.


Jumping over to the Soviets is the T-34-85, a Medium tank that offers good mobility with a decently armored turret. With 180 points of alpha damage and 144 mm of penetration, the 85 mm D5T-85BM gun allows you to shred through enemy armor. Alternatively, the 122 mm U-11 offers 450 alpha with 61 mm of penentration.

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