Magikarp Jump - How to Get Each Magikarp Pattern and Color Type

Learn the trick to getting every Magikarp Jump pattern and color.

Magikarp come in a variety of patterns in Pokémon Magikarp Jump. If you’re the type of player that simply must catch ‘em all, then you’ll need to know the best way to obtain all the different Magikarp colors, patterns, and styles. This guide will explain what you need to catch each color and pattern of Magikarp in Magikarp Jump. 

How to Get Each Magikarp Pattern 

Gold Magikarp are very rare to find, but can be caught using an Old Rod.

In Magikarp Jump, each Magikarp you catch can come in one of nine main color types: standard, calico, orange, pink, gray, purple, apricot, brown, and gold. A specific fishing rod is required for catching each color of Magikarp. Among these main types are Magikarp of various individual patterns that players can collect as well. 

Magikarp with very unique patterns tend to have better individuality and thus have better bonus traits, but these types of Magikarp are much rarer and may take longer to obtain. Bi-color Magikarp are rare, while Gold Magikarp are very rare. If you evolve a Gold Magikarp, it will transform into a Red Gyarados

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To catch one of the nine Magikarp color types and their various sub-patterns, you’ll have to use a specific type of fishing rod. The table below explains which rod you must use to catch each of the nine main Magikarp types in Magikarp Jump, as well as any additional requirements each type may have. We’ve also listed the number of different pattern versions that are offered for each Magikarp color so you can keep track of how many more you should look for of each type. 

Magikarp Color Type

Fishing Rod Needed

Number of Pattern Versions

Additional Requirements

Standard Old Rod 2 N/A
Calico Old Rod 4 N/A
Orange So-So Rod 3 N/A
Pink Good Old Rod 3 Reach Fast League
Gray Great Old Rod 3 Complete Luxury League
Purple Great Old Rod 3 Complete Luxury League
Apricot Rare Old Rod 3 Complete Heal League
Brown Rare Old Rod 3 Complete Heal League
Gold Old Rod 1 N/A

Keep in mind that while some of these Magikarp types can be caught using multiple kinds of fishing rods, the ones we have listed provide the highest chance of catching that particular Magikarp color. Though still very rare, a Gold Magikarp can be caught using any fishing rod, but the Old Rod offers the best chances. 

Those are all of the current Magikarp color types and patterns available in Magikarp Jump. To get a rare Magikarp, you will likely need to fish for Magikarp multiple times before you obtain one of the rarer patterns. If you throw back enough Magikarp, you may also fish up a Dratini instead, so your efforts won’t be in vein! 

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