Easiest Tanks to Set on Fire in World of Tanks

These tanks love nothing more than to burn.

Aside from winning, piloting a tank in World of Tanks is all about having fun shooting and blowing up other tanks. One of the most rewarding moments in a match is if you manage to set an enemy tank on fire – especially if they’re not packing a fire extinguisher!

During the wars, tanks were designed to be powerhouses capable of high amounts of damage, while also being heavily armored. However, some tanks weren’t designed so well, having engines or fuel tanks that lacked protection. What makes World of Tanks so great is that it matches these historical designs, staying true to a tank’s characteristics.

Below are some of the easiest tanks to set on fire in World of Tanks. Next time you face one of these, aim for their engine or fuel tanks and see if you can start a fire!

German Mediums

Great at sniping but not so good at not becoming balls of flaming metal, German Mediums tend to catch on fire easily. 

Let’s just get this one out of the way. German Medium tanks, while offering some excellent sniping potential, tend to suffer from a poorly protected frontal hull. The front just so happens to be where a lot of their transmissions are mounted - which in World of Tanks, also counts as an engine hit.

Even though the fuel is often mounted in the back, a shot that manages to hit the engine basically results in a coin flip of whether the tank will become a burning hunk of metal. While some German vehicles offer impressive frontal armor thicknesses, this often only relates to one of the plates, such as the upper glacis.

If you see an enemy driving a German Medium, get the s’mores ready! Those of us who like the German tank lines will need to ensure that the correct consumables are selected before entering a battle to try and prevent as much fire damage as possible.

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