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How to get the powerful BFG-50A sniper rifle in Ghost Recon Wildlands' Fallen Ghosts DLC.

The Ghost Recon Wildlands Fallen Ghosts DLC brought a variety of new weapons to the game, including the powerful new sniper rifle, the BFG-50A. This sniper rifle is thought to be one of the best sniper rifles in the game, as it offers all the firepower of the HTI Sniper Rifle, but is semi-automatic. This guide will show you how to get your hands on the BFG-50A sniper rifle in the Ghost Recon Wildlands Fallen Ghosts DLC. 

The damage, accuracy, and range stats are all maxed out on the BFG-50A, allowing it to destroy vehicles (and pretty much anything else) in a single shot. This weapon also has great penetration, even when equipping a suppressor. Players can also mount the T5Xi Tactical Scope onto the BFG-50A for even deadlier long-range sniping. 

How to Get the BFG-50A Sniper Rifle

The BFG-50A is a semi-auto .50 caliber, and is currently the most powerful sniper rifle in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

To get the BFG-50A in Ghost Recon Wildlands, you’ll need to install the Fallen Ghosts DLC, which is available to Season Pass holders but can also be purchased separately. 

Once you have the Fallen Ghosts DLC installed, you’re basically going to begin the Story Missions in the Fallen Ghosts region. Start by heading to the northernmost section of the Western Precinct. The Western Precinct has a four-skull difficulty rating, so be sure to bring some powerful weapons along to dispatch any enemies you encounter here. 

On your map, look for three small Story Mission arrows just north of Arroyo Baya. Each of these Story Missions task you with gathering intel within the region. After you’ve obtained the necessary intel for the three missions, you’ll be prompted to report the newly acquired information back to your main contact. Once you finish turning in the intel, a cutscene will play, and you will receive the BFG-50A sniper rifle for your efforts. 

For a closer look at the BFG-50A, check out this video from Obligated.

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