Star Wars: Battlefront DLC goes free

Get hyped for Battlefront II by catching up on what you missed.

If you can't wait until Battlefront II in November and you've worn out your Force Awakens Blu-ray trying to kill time before release, then good news, because EA has made all DLC for the original Star Wars: Battlefront free in order to tide you over.

That's right - as of today, you can log in to PlayStation and Xbox Stores and Origin on PC and grab all the Battlefront DLC at no charge.

Apparently EA has form for this, having pulled a similar trick with Battlefield 4 DLC prior to the launch of Battlefield 1.

Battlefront II hopes to build on the strong legacy of the first game, which was elegant if a little thin, by adding a campaign mode and space battles among many other features. A recent demo of the latter at gamescom certainly got us excited.


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