Meet the Tiger 131 - New Premium Tier 6 German Heavy Tank

Get a sneak peek at the Tiger 131 before it hits the Premium Shop.

The Tiger 131 is the latest Premium tank coming to World of Tanks and offers German tank fans their first Tier 6 Premium Heavy. This brings the German nation in line with the Japanese and the British nations and their own Tier 6 Premium Heavies.

Tiger 131 Stats

When fighting at-tier, the Tiger 131 is a powerhouse of a Heavy tank.

Below are the in-game stats of the Tiger 131. Some points to note are the armor values and speed that set it above the competition and allow it to get into attack positions faster. The Tiger 131 will be out-gunned by the Soviet-counterparts, so relying on its speed and armor will be required for success.

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When compared to the VK 36.01 H, the Tiger 131 boasts more consistent armor on all surfaces. However, one thing to keep in mind is the flat frontal armor will require proper angling to avoid being penetrated. The side armor should allow the Tiger 131 to side-scrape with relative effectiveness, especially when at top-tier or facing tanks of the same tier.

In-game stats of the Tiger 131 compared to other similarly tiered Heavy tanks.


  • 220 Average damage per shot
  • 145 Average penetration
  • 9.14 Rate of Fire
  • 6.56 Reload Time
  • 21.33 Turret Traverse Speed
  • -8/15 Gun Depression/Elevation Angles
  • 2.16 Aiming Time
  • 0.36 Dispersion at 100 m
  • 2,011 Average damage per minute


  • 950 Hit Points
  • 100/80/80 Hull Armor
  • 100/80/80 Turret Armor


  • 57.02/61 Weight/Load Limit
  • 650 Engine Power
  • 11.4 Specific Power
  • 40/12 Top Speed / Reverse Speed
  • 27.73 Traverse Speed


The concealment values of the Tiger 131 are nothing to write home about - you'll be spotted immediately.
  • 7.64/1.82 Concealment of Station Vehicle (%)
  • 4.39/1.04 Concealment of Moving Vehicle (%)


  • 378 View Range
  • 757 Signal Range

Novice World of Tanks players will find the Tiger 131 an easy tank to use. However, a veteran will be able to take the Tiger to the next level and turn it into one of the best tanks to earn credits in World of Tanks thanks to the relatively low resupply costs.

Angling the front or side armor will increase its effectiveness, but the Tiger 131 cannot angle both at the same time.

In contrast to other Heavy tanks at Tier 6, the Tiger 131 has a low profile, making it a difficult target for the enemy to hit. Exploitation of this low height and high speeds can be used to move between hills or zip through city alleys quickly.

Overall, the Tiger 131 is an excellent entry for the German nation, but it does suffer from some poorly angled armor. Tankers will need to decide which section of the armor to utilize or alternatively, lean into the tank’s speed and damage. How do you like the look of the Tiger 131? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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