ARMS - How to Unlock Ranked Mode

Here’s how to play Ranked Mode in ARMS for Nintendo Switch.

In Nintendo’s new fighting game ARMS, players will have to progress and work their way up to access Ranked Mode. Ranked Mode allows you to play ARMS competitively against other players online to increase your rank. This guide will go over the steps to unlock Ranked Mode in ARMS on the Nintendo Switch. 

How to Unlock Ranked Mode in ARMS

Unlocking Ranked Mode in Arms is as easy as completing Grand Prix.

Unlocking Ranked Mode on ARMS requires completing the Grand Prix mode on Difficulty 4 or higher. Grand Prix mode is essentially the story campaign of ARMS, which involves fighting a series of AI opponents of varying difficulties. There’s really no other conditions besides that, so it doesn’t matter if you go on a losing streak. The upside to the Grand Prix mode is that you can save your progress and try again another time if things aren’t going so well. 

Grand Prix Completion Tips 

The AI in Grand Prix mode will become more challenging as you increase the difficulty level. Try to pick your strongest character and best Arms before attempting to complete Grand Prix Difficulty 4. The previous difficulties are good practice for Difficulty 4, so use the previous matches to practice your punching, countering, and dodging skills. 

Wait for your opponent to attack first, and be prepared to dodge the attack. When they recoil after their attack, this is when you make your move. Keep an eye on your Rush gauge and activate your Rush ability just after you dodge your opponent’s attack. This will ensure you deal a significant blow to your opponent thanks to your super move. Keep a short distance between you and your opponent so that you can connect your hits faster and more efficiently. That is, unless you're facing Hedlock, which we'll get to below.

Max Brass is one of the opponents you'll need to defeat in Arms' Grand Prix mode.

Max Brass

When fighting Max Brass, watch his body language for some tells that can give away his next move. When you see him flex and charge up, this means he’s gained his super armor. You won’t be able to get through his armor unless you have your Arms charged up as well, so try to keep your Arms charged as much as possible. Follow the same steps as before to dodge his attacks and follow up with a punch of your own to defeat Max Brass in ARMS. 


If Hedlock seems familiar, it’s because he uses Max Brass’s body.  This also means he utilizes the same move set as Max Brass, except Hedlock wields six Arms instead of two. Even if you take out some of his Arms, watch out for attacks from his remaining Arms. This time you’ll want to keep your distance from Hedlock, and take your time to charge up your Rush gauge by landing single punches from afar. This may take some patience, but it’s better than getting overwhelmed too early. Use an electric or ice Arm variant if you have one, as these elemental Arms can help slow or stun your opponents, giving you time to attack.

Once your Rush gauge is fully charged, you know the drill. Wait for Hedlock to attack, dodge the attack, then activate your Rush ability immediately to unleash your most powerful Arms attack. If you notice Hedlock charge up his Fist, do your best to avoid his incoming punches. Only engage after you have dodged his attack and can safely and quickly land a punch of your own. 

Upon successfully completing Grand Prix on any difficulty, you’ll be rewarded with points that can be spent on the Arms Getter mini-game to get new Arms. Completing Grand Prix on higher difficulties will reward you with a better point payout, so you’ll not only unlock Ranked Mode in ARMS for Nintendo Switch, but you’ll accumulate the currency to unlock more Arms variants as well.


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