5 Best Guns in Battlefield 1

Here are our picks for some of the best guns in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 offers a variety of weapon options for each class so that players can select the best gun for their play style. It can be difficult for a newer player to determine which guns are the best to choose, even when divided into four class types. 

This guide will help players narrow down the best guns in Battlefield 1. We’ll go over what makes a gun good and how it benefits its class role. If you are new to Battlefield 1 and need some guidance on what weapons to use, try equipping one of these guns in your loadout.

MP 18 Trench

The assault class in Battlefield 1 is best for those who like to play offense and head straight into the middle of battle. If close quarters firefights are your style, the MP 18 Trench gun is a great option for your assault class loadout. The MP 18 Trench is a German submachine gun that excels in close quarters combat.

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The MP 18 Trench has great accuracy at both close and mid-range. The Trench version has the best hip-fire accuracy of the three MP 18 variants, allowing assault players to mow down opponents in close quarters, especially when gas is present. There’s even a bayonet for those moments when enemies get just a tad too close. Its low recoil allows the MP 18 to still be effective at mid-range as well. If you enjoy getting up close and personal with your opponents in Battlefield 1, then the MP 18 Trench is one of the best guns for you.

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