Top World of Tanks GIFs of the Week - Week 19

A player gets revenge on a drowning arty in this week’s top World of Tanks GIFs!

Greetings, tankers!  Welcome back to another installment of Top World of Tanks GIFs of the Week. This weekly series features several World of Tanks GIFs that we’ve found online over the past week that we feel deserve your attention. The clips used here mainly come from the subreddit and will be credited as such. 

We’re also open to submissions if you’ve got a particularly funny or awesome World of Tanks GIF. If we like it, we may use it in our series in the future. We simply ask that you upload your video clip to Gfycat to create a GIF, then send us the link via Facebook or Twitter. Gfycat is the format we prefer working with, so keeping submissions consistent just makes things easier on our end. 

Now, it’s time to take a break from the summer heat to check out the top World of Tanks GIFs from week 19!


Let’s start of with a GIF posted by TSOTM on the World of Tanks subreddit. This GIF features a tanker who anticipates a FV4202 about to zip around the corner of a building. Just as the enemy tank rounds the corner, the main player rams into them, rolling the opponent onto their hatch and seemingly leaving them there to suffer. We don’t even know if the player finished off the FV4202 in the end. That's just plain cruel!


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