Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire - Unlock Missing Drivers

Learn how to unlock those last few Drivers you're missing.

Unlocking all 60 Drivers in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire is a long process, with each new driver being unlocked once you earn their licence. As you progress through the game, you will encounter a few missing drivers who you can’t seem to earn.

Thankfully, there is a way to guarantee you will unlock these missing Drivers in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire.

How to Unlock Drivers

Each time you level up a taxi to a rank it’s never reached before, you will receive a reward. For instance, if you level up Melt’s Taxi, “Ultra Twelve ’37,” in Glitter Marina to level 25, you will receive a reward. But if you Sell Out and get Ultra Twelve ’37 to 25 again, you won’t receive a reward as it is a one-time prize.

Every taxi has a guaranteed reward for each milestone. This means if you are missing a Driver, you can target a specific taxi and level it up to unlock that Driver – it’s not random!

Below are some of the rarest late-game drivers you might be missing, and how to unlock them.

  • Unlock Keytar Bear (The Bridge) by levelling Melt’s taxi (Glitter Marina) to 400.
  • Unlock Victor (Downtown) by levelling Iceman’s taxi (West of the Park) to 400.
  • Unlock Cinnamon (The Bridge) by levelling Nane’s taxi (Downtown) to 25.
  • Unlock Angel (The Strip) by levelling Bijul’s taxi (Downtown) to 25.
  • Unlock Zax (The Strip) by levelling B.D. Joe’s (red hat) taxi (Boardwalk) to 25.

While we haven’t listed how to unlock each Driver, we’ve selected a few that cause a bit of trouble as you progress through the game. These Drivers are unlocked by levelling up taxis that require a lot more money, making it unusual that you would choose to level them up over other, cheaper, taxis.

So if you find that you are missing a couple of Drivers from The Strip, check to see if they match one of the above Drivers on the list. You can also cross-reference with our all Drivers and taxis guide to find other Drivers you have yet to unlock in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire.

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