Hitman - Elusive Target #25 - The Fugitive - Silent Assassin

Learn how you can kill Elusive Target #25, The Fugitive, in Hokkaido, Japan.

Even though IO Interactive was dropped by their publisher, the studio continues to pump out content for one of the best games of 2016, Hitman. This week, players will have the opportunity to kill Elusive Target #25, The Fugitive, who has arrived at the GAMA Facility in Hokkaido, Japan.

Elusive Target #25 - The Fugitive - Ji-Hu

To get Silient Assassin on Elusive Target #25, also known as The Fugitive, players will need to start Undercover in the Kitchen. Bring the Lethal Poison Vial and Coin for Gear, although it’s unlikely that you’ll need the Coin. There’s also no reason to leave the Concealed Weapon slot empty, and for that we would suggest the ICA 19, although if you do things correctly you will not need it.

When you spawn in, sneak out of the kitchen without being seen and turn right. Head up the stairs to the bar and look for the four glasses of wine that are sitting on top of it. You’re going to want to use the Lethal Poison Vail to poison the second glass of wine from the right. This is the second glass of wine from the right when you are on the customer side of the bar, facing the bartender. All of this must be done very quickly, as one of the two men behind the bar can see through your disguise once he turns around.

Quickly leave the area, running toward the Sakura Sushi bar in the restaurant. Run to the left of the bar and through the door. This will take you outside, where you’ll want to subdue the patrolling guard and grab the Resort Security disguise. You’ll have to wait several minutes for Elusive Target #25 to wander over to the wine and drink it.

The only problem with The Fugitive, is that the target can be one of three people. You never know which person you’ll get, and each time you restart you’ll potentially roll a different mark. The solution to this is to wait by the Helicopter that you can use to Exit Mission. Once the poisoned wine has been consumed you’ll get one of two messages in the top right corner of your screen: Poison Kill or Non-Target Killed. If it’s the former, you can Exit Mission and you’re good to go. If it’s the latter, pause the game and restart Elusive Target #25.

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