Get Even - How to Unlock Both Endings

Here’s how to unlock each of the two endings in the psychological shooter, Get Even.

Developed by The Farm 51, Get Even is a psychological horror shooter that features two possible endings for players to unlock. As you can guess, one ending is deemed the “good” ending, while the other is considered the “bad” ending. This guide will explain how to get both possible endings in Get Even and the requirements necessary to trigger each one. 

Get Even - The Bad Ending 

In Get Even, both endings are a result of your character’s behavior and decisions throughout the game. Given that there are only two endings, that means you really only have two ways of playing the game. You can choose to be aggressive and shoot characters you come in contact with, or you can take a passive approach that avoids killing anyone.

Each time your character shoots someone in Get Even, these actions cause “distortions” that ruin your memories and put you in a fragile psychological state. Too much distortion will lead to the bad ending.

Thus, getting the bad ending is pretty straightforward. Don’t listen to Ramsey’s suggestions, and make sure to kill any enemies you encounter. This is a sure-fire way to unlock the bad ending in Get Even.

Get Even - The Good Ending

Conversely, to get the good or “true” ending in Get Even, you’ll have to take a more passive approach to the game, which isn’t really as easy as it sounds. Pulling off the passive approach in Get Even requires the use of stealth to avoid killing enemies unnecessarily.

It’s important to listen to Ramsey’s instructions and recommendations so that you don’t make mistakes that hurt your chances at the good ending. Be patient, sneak past enemies, and avoid killing anyone if you can. The less people you kill, the better your chances will be to trigger the true ending in Get Even. 

Overall, it seems that the bad ending is the easier ending to unlock out of the two. A stealth run requires much more deliberate actions throughout the game. Either way, it shouldn’t take you long to complete both endings in Get Even to achieve full game completion.  


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